Transporting my room to campus…going stripped in Nov

Wait-a minute..I meant stripped off from the full arrangements of my songs.

Cosy concert venues make me just wanna kick off my shoes, and share with my audience what I do late into the night holed up in my bedroom – playing the piano and penning down little tunes.

So I went unplugged at all three of the “Y.E.S933 校園演唱會” Campus Concerts in Nov, with just my piano “Little Miss EricaHan”, Me and You.


Sometimes I close my eyes, recapturing those times I wrote these tunes for my debut album “55:38:7” .
Every once in awhile, I look up.

It makes me smile to see you smiling back.
I ponder for awhile when I see you deep in thought, and leave you quietly to find yourself in the song.
It feels like we’ve met somewhere, sometime, and now, when you all sing with me to LaLa, or the last line of 《明知我爱你》 “只想永远永远爱你, 你知不知道我也没关系”。
Hearts and hearts.


Its been a pleasure meeting every one of you in the lovely audience at Singapore Polytechnic, Nanyang Technological University and Nanyang Polytechnic, and the crew and organizing committees who were such efficient and attentive SUPERkids. Special thanks to the organizer Y.E.S933 FM!


I was drifting away to lalaland at a photoshoot before one of the shows, and was caught on camera by Cherine.
If you daydream too, don’t be like me. Design a certain complex looking daydream expression so no one can tell. I’m working on that right now.


(Whispers: those who really saw me take off my shoes at SP, say hey!!! :p )

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