The Sparkle and the heartbeat of CHINGAY PARADE 2014


It was an honour to be one of the lead singers for the Finale Theme Song for the Chingay Parade 2014 this year.

I’ve always watched this colourful parade on television each year, and being involved this year gave me a whole new perspective to this parade that is so rich in heritage, and culture. It took me beyond the beautiful imagery that I see on TV, to the actual sights and sounds when I am standing right there on the float, waving to an excited audience. It took me to a place where I felt the life and heartbeat of the parade, where I hear the excitement from the performers, where I see the sparkle of this beautiful parade before my eyes.

There are many things I’ll remember…

Firstly, the many faces at Chingay. This year’s parade saw some 7,500 performers. I remember little girls in their ballet costumes running to get in line,  youths and students with their infectious energy, and always dancing and singing, there are 长辈叔叔阿姨 as well, they mingle and have a great time. Everyone waves, everyone cheers, either to someone on the float, or to each other as the contingents get ready. This year is also extremely special to me because my little 7 year old niece was also involved in one of the segments ^^

Then, there is the crew and volunteers, who worked so hard behind the scenes, be it lights, sound, planning, the people who built the floats, logistics, facilitators,  working at so many aspects of the show to make it all happen, and in making sure everything ran smoothly.



The theme this year is “Colours of Fabric, One People” and it featured a 360-metre batik art painting  “Paint With ONE Heart” – and knitting tapestries put together by some 40,000 Singaporeans and new immigrants. I’ve was present at one of the knitting workshops during the press conference and to finally see the fruit of all these workshops come together on display at the parade was really touching, all which is only made possible by teamwork, teamwork and more teamwork.



Getting to work with renowed 老师 Lee Si Song who penned the finale theme song “Knit with one Heart” was a great pleasure, and not forgetting getting to perform this unique song which “weaves” and combines the four main languages with my fellow singers Ric Liu, Hazrul Nizam & Vicknesvari Vadivalagan. We have a lot of fun in between rehearsals too! It was also my first stand standing on a float, (I can’t remember how many meters above ground), wooohooooo! the experience was exhilarating.

It was an honour performing for PM Lee as well as President Tony Tan who were watching from the grand stands on the respective nights of the Parade.

A big thank you to the People’s Association and to the wonderful team behind Chingay.

To the many performers, 小妹妹, 叔叔阿姨们,overseas friends, vibrant youths with whom we’ve taken selfies, waved, cheered as we saw each other along the way, thank you for the lovely memories! Performing at Chingay 2014 was a lovely start to my new year, and I’ll cherish these smiles, friendships, I’ll remember this great teamwork and lovely spirit.

p/s: Shout out to my lovely team Keith Png (Styling), Vaughn Tan for the beautiful dress, Sam Ong (MakeUp and Hair).