One Heart One Love For Our Children

I find it very important to give back in any way possible, and this year, I am extremely happy and honored to be involved in “One Heart One Love For Our Children”, the Charity Gala Dinner organized by the Singapore Children’s Society. Held at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore on 01 Oct 2010 Children’s Day itself, the evening was graced by His Excellency, President S R Nathan and it was a great night of love dedicated to helping our children, raising funds and awareness for the society.

A month back, we commenced work on recording the theme song for this event, with artistes Clement Chow, Mel & Joe and Sleeq. The children from the society also joined us for the recording and dance rehearsals for the big night.

Children have a very special place in my heart. I smile each time I see children..I see their genuine smiles, pure hearts, and a future in their eyes which we can all help to paint with rainbows and great possibilities. And that is why I hold dear the times I spent with the children from the Singapore Children’s Society. They practiced hard for months their dance routines for the Charity Gala Dinner, and to see them shine that night as they danced with me while I sang the song “LaLa” from my album was precious. Like a proud sister, I wanted to hug all of them.

I know it is such that we get easily caught up in the daily grind of live. Sometimes work games and stresses get to us, deluding us from the true meaning of life, distancing us from the true meaning of real happiness and humanity. During such times, let’s remember those who really need help, love, attention and care. I received the best Children’s Day present from the strength, smiles and hearts of our children at the Singapore Children’s Society. Every moment that you reach out and give, no matter how big or small, is a powerful moment. It will make you see things in a totally different perspective. and give strength in a way you can never imagine.

To that super kid in all of you, Happy Children’s Day.

For more information on the Singapore Children’s Society, click here.

Children from the Singapore Children’s Society joining us in recording the theme song “One Hear One Love For Our Children” written by Mr Clement Chow

A special night for our children…


Grand Finale: (L-R) Mel & Joe, Clement Chow and Sleeq

Accompanied by the fantastic dance put up by the children as I sang the song “LaLa”


Big thank you to my sponsors: Dress by Vaughn Tan, Hair by Jeric Salon.

At “Making a Difference” Roadshow for the Singapore Children’s Society on 03 Oct 2010.

Backstage with Sleeq, Mel & Joe, Clement and the 98.7DJs!

My little surprise for the children on Children’s Day 🙂