Behind-the-Scenes of 明知我愛你, LaLa, 戀愛女生都是羊 MV Shoot

It was to my horror that I discovered my camera card was corrupted, resulting in the photos of the behind-the-scenes of my MV (including those from my photoshoot) turning up in neon colors, some in total grey which looked rather artsy but argggh! So here are the ones that escaped unscathed. -_-

How as filming an MV like? It was my first time, I was kinda nervous, excited, happy all at the same time. It was fun, you learn alot about light, camera angles, you need to emote at the call of “rolling”, and you will see from photos below, when the camera is not rolling, more fun begins. lol

An immense amount of time, planning and effort goes into that 3 – 4 mins worth of film so I am really thankful to everyone who was involved in the filming of the MVs. I freaked my own nerves about meeting our MV director, renowned director Jem Chen (陈奕先), whose works included 《爱到底》and《熊猫人》, but he turned out to be such a lovely and patient person, so all was good.

I woke up early everyday, first call was makeup and hair.

The scene I was playing piano in 《明知我愛你》… what lies beyond this piano and me is a team of 8 – 10 people watching me play this over and over again for Jem to take various angles.

Sneaking a smile, taking a break from the emo song…
MV 1

We got really carried away with dance moves in this beautiful studio thanks to the great people at The Theatre Practice. Prizes for guessing who this is!


This is the scene I was writing my love letter…I used Cherine’s notebook which she still uses. I think I scribbled something along the lines of, “Dear Cherine, I am writing on you book now la, thank you for lending me your book hor…多痛都可以, 不能沒有你“

The sea brought me home to this song and its story. I was singing the song over and over again, and before I knew it, I was crying (and I was thinking oh my god!)…and only to find my hairstylist, makeup artist all teary eye watching me. HAHA!

It was pouring when we started on the shoot that day. Our female MV actress, Shannon made this 晴天娃娃 and placed her by the window. It worked!!! 晴天娃娃 now lives in the FM Office 🙂

Frantically wrote, the night before, the score for 〈明知我愛你〉for the shoot…

Happy Song! Shooting the MV for my duet with Jiahui師兄, the F&N Jingle〈LaLa>! Fun day, super fantastic volunteers and friends of FM who came down and left looking yummylicious in their gorgeous tanns from the scorching sun. Did you see the super cute F&N cans in the MV!!!

We were all trying to hide behind each other so we only see one person… Eric does a fantastic job cause he could even turn around and talk to Brandon!

On to 《戀愛女生都是羊》….
Meet Dorothy. She was kindly loaned to me by Xiaohan’s sweet daughter Ashley whom I tried to repay in kind with a box of pretty biscuits 🙂

Dearest Xiaohan helping me make sheeps who were featured in the 《戀愛女生都是羊》MV.

My typing skills were put to the test!!! Well girls, if any guy broke your heart, type these words a 100 times. Satisfaction guaranteed!: “Lonesome Little Heartbreaker, 愛不得!”

And…. its a wrap. Group photos: Top: 導演 Jem, Director of Photography for MV, 阿茂 & Shannon | Left: Junior (Stylist) | Right: Huifen (Jeric Salon), my picture with my makeup artiste was damaged. Shout out to Dollei and Ai Yi! Hearts!!!!

Special thanks to: F&N | 導演 Jem Chen | Director of Photography for MV, 阿茂 | MV actors: Shannon, Ryan | Klee | The White Rabbit | The Theatre Practice| Vaughn Tan | Make-up: Dollei & Ai Yi | Hair: Huifen from Jeric Salon | Stylist: Junior | Nails: The Make Up Room | Awesome volunteers & friends: Brandon Khoo, Clement Yang Xi, Wendy, Jie Ying, Kai Yang, Matthew Siew | Jiahui, Eric, Xiaohan, Norman, Ashley, Jim, Leslie, Cherine |

(will post the behind-the-scenes for the photoshoot soon!)

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