14 Posts for 2014

Time flies. 2014 has been great, fast paced, eventful, blessed…. so much so I haven’t been able to stop and blog.

Once upon a time, we wrote letters. Now, everything happens to quickly with digital media. I kinda miss writing letters,. Do you?

So here I am, doing flashbacks before the end of the year ;p

#14 – Hair Feature in the May edition of NuYou 《女友》Magazine.

Behind every artist, is a great team of stylists. We all evolve through the years, and I am ever thankful for a group of stylists and great friends for getting me ready for events and shows and even more thankful to the family at Passion for always taking great care of me over the years.

I have had privilege to be photographed for a few of this feature in 《女友》Magazine and there is always such great energy on set with David, his dedication to detail, his love for what he does, his smile that puts you at ease, I never stop learning from him. And each time I am on set, I am always inspired by how everyone works hard at their art to give the best picture.

Big thank you to the ever dedicated NuYou 女友 team for putting out such great issues and content each month. xoxo

Serene Koong 龚芝怡 in NuYou Magazine, May 2014

Serene Koong 龚芝怡- NuYou Magazine Singapore, 2014

Credits: 女友 Magazine, May 2014, Hair Styling: David Gan (Passion Hair Salon), Photography: Wee Khim, Makeup: Andy Lee, Styled by LiRong

May 2013

Serene Koong 龚芝怡 - NuYou Magazine May 2013

Serene Koong 龚芝怡 - NuYou Magazine May 2013

Credits: 女友 Magazine, May 2014, Hair Styling: David Gan (Passion Hair Salon), Photography: Wee Khim, Makeup: Andy Lee, Styled by Martin Wong

The Sparkle and the heartbeat of CHINGAY PARADE 2014


It was an honour to be one of the lead singers for the Finale Theme Song for the Chingay Parade 2014 this year.

I’ve always watched this colourful parade on television each year, and being involved this year gave me a whole new perspective to this parade that is so rich in heritage, and culture. It took me beyond the beautiful imagery that I see on TV, to the actual sights and sounds when I am standing right there on the float, waving to an excited audience. It took me to a place where I felt the life and heartbeat of the parade, where I hear the excitement from the performers, where I see the sparkle of this beautiful parade before my eyes.

There are many things I’ll remember…

Firstly, the many faces at Chingay. This year’s parade saw some 7,500 performers. I remember little girls in their ballet costumes running to get in line,  youths and students with their infectious energy, and always dancing and singing, there are 长辈叔叔阿姨 as well, they mingle and have a great time. Everyone waves, everyone cheers, either to someone on the float, or to each other as the contingents get ready. This year is also extremely special to me because my little 7 year old niece was also involved in one of the segments ^^

Then, there is the crew and volunteers, who worked so hard behind the scenes, be it lights, sound, planning, the people who built the floats, logistics, facilitators,  working at so many aspects of the show to make it all happen, and in making sure everything ran smoothly.



The theme this year is “Colours of Fabric, One People” and it featured a 360-metre batik art painting  “Paint With ONE Heart” – and knitting tapestries put together by some 40,000 Singaporeans and new immigrants. I’ve was present at one of the knitting workshops during the press conference and to finally see the fruit of all these workshops come together on display at the parade was really touching, all which is only made possible by teamwork, teamwork and more teamwork.



Getting to work with renowed 老师 Lee Si Song who penned the finale theme song “Knit with one Heart” was a great pleasure, and not forgetting getting to perform this unique song which “weaves” and combines the four main languages with my fellow singers Ric Liu, Hazrul Nizam & Vicknesvari Vadivalagan. We have a lot of fun in between rehearsals too! It was also my first stand standing on a float, (I can’t remember how many meters above ground), wooohooooo! the experience was exhilarating.

It was an honour performing for PM Lee as well as President Tony Tan who were watching from the grand stands on the respective nights of the Parade.

A big thank you to the People’s Association and to the wonderful team behind Chingay.

To the many performers, 小妹妹, 叔叔阿姨们,overseas friends, vibrant youths with whom we’ve taken selfies, waved, cheered as we saw each other along the way, thank you for the lovely memories! Performing at Chingay 2014 was a lovely start to my new year, and I’ll cherish these smiles, friendships, I’ll remember this great teamwork and lovely spirit.

p/s: Shout out to my lovely team Keith Png (Styling), Vaughn Tan for the beautiful dress, Sam Ong (MakeUp and Hair).













Hello,终于写部落格了。你好吗?最近,过的非常充实,忙着Chingay彩排以及正式演出,专辑录音还在进行中,以及孙燕姿克卜勒巡回演唱会工作。 最近也时常迟睡,可能是知道好久没写blog了,所今晚一定要写哈哈 :)。。。希望接下来能够多写哦。

第18届新加坡金曲奖。。。还记得当天晚上的我,真的好紧张耶 🙂 当然也非常兴奋!兴奋,是因为有好多音乐人都聚集在一起。而紧张是因为。。紧张 🙂


那时候的我心情非常低落,有好多话想说,就决定把所有的话写进歌曲里, 也告诉自己希望能通过这首歌的来源,通过它的生命来告诉你,鼓励你。。。我们在生命中某个阶段都会遇上“暴风雨”的袭击。。让你措手不及,甚至觉得很无助。但我深信,是因为经过这种考验,我们领悟生命中最宝贵的事情,让我们从此变的更坚强。

还记得,制作的过程中,我给了自己很大的压力。不只是因为这是第一次挑战自己去制作一首歌,也是因为我被这部戏的故事所感动。剧中人物所经历的,是那么的真实。整个制作过程的每一个片刻,我都记得清清楚楚。。。当我弹着钢琴写副歌的时候,当我看着故事简介看了两天,一直在之上写了好多感想,当我接到电话,通知我《幸福不难》被选为片尾曲。。之后被定位主题曲。。我记得第一次和这部戏的监制会面的时候,被她所要为这部戏想表达的想做的深深感动,我记得长时间和混音师一直很仔细地混音,想把最好的呈现给听众。我记得在录音室里,唱A段的时候 “我好想脱下身上的盔甲,好好呼吸一下” 因为压抑不了疲累的心情而忍不住落泪,却坚持忍着泪把那段唱完。。

There are times when you are on a path, you will ask yourself questions, you will be tested with short-cuts, with noise and distractions. What would you do? 那时候的我只想坚持真实的自己,诚恳地做音乐。

所以颁奖典礼开始的时候,我的心情是非常激动的。因为觉得在写和制作这首歌的时候,是自己一个人背着沉重的包袱,和自己的意志力作战。歌曲播出后,大家对这首歌的支持,让我觉得不再是孤独作战,我感觉到无比的真能量围绕着我。。让我慢慢地恢复,再次勇敢。入围”最佳作曲“以及 ”最佳作词“ 这两个奖项对我来说是个很大的鼓励。看着黃鴻升上台领《MeRadio下载录最高金曲 - 男歌手》奖的时候,我更没有想过接下来念出《MeRadio下载录最高金曲 - 女歌手》的名字,是我。

I am deeply humbled. 我一直很珍惜一路走来…its an accumulation of blessings and help, people I meet and work with, and support.  要感谢的人,很多 - 新加坡金曲奖的评委,Y.E.S933,MeRadio,《志在四方》这部戏的监制,尤红给我这个机会用了我的作品,这首歌才有了开始。MDA-Mediacorp joint call for proposal 的资助,在这首歌里和我合作的音乐人。 所有下载这首歌的朋友们,谢谢你,。。我的歌迷们,FC 芝麻一族。。。所有喜欢《志在四方》以及《幸福不难》这首主题曲的朋友们,看到你们在twitter, instagram, facebook, 跟我说你喜欢这首歌,看到你们分享这首歌,歌词让我感到非常感动。

这段时间,我非常庆幸有非常要好的朋友在守护着我,帮助我,还有在这里也想特别感谢一直很支持很细心照顾我的 Passion Hair Salon, thank u so much David, 那天为我打扮的 Nigel Woo(发型 – Passion), Keith Png (造型)dressed in BCBG Max Azria, Bangle by Swarovski, Keith Bryant Lee (彩妆)。




单曲《幸福不难》- 背后的故事

哈咯朋友们,我来了。想跟你分享的是,单曲《幸福不难》已经发行了!现可在 iTunes , MeRadio, Singtel Ideas Music Store, M1 Connecting Tones, Starhub Music Anywhere 下载歌曲咯!请多多支持哦!

Lo Res (Modified)

先分享单曲的artwork,真的要感谢背后好棒的团队。 攝影: Joel Low 造型: Martin Wong 化妝: Andy Lee 髮型: Nigel Woo /Passion Hair Salon  还有,David for your constant support,Ryan 和 Junz 在shoot 前为我剪发,染色。Graphic design, AydanStudio.

上回说过,要分享《幸福不难》背后的故事。今天终于有一些些时间。所以我来了 🙂


还记得,我看了MDA-新传媒 Call for Theme Song Proposal 7部电视剧的故事简介之后,《志在四方》在脑海中留下最深刻的印象。 可能是因为当时本身在经历一些事情,觉得似乎能在故事中找到自己的影子。相信这也是那么多朋友喜欢看这部戏的原因。 所谓戏如人生,人生如戏。。。

平时的我,是一个非常快乐, 个性坚强的女生。 处女座的女生就是这样,遇到任何困难,往往是最后一位吭声,只会默默,很专注地去把事情解决。我的best friend 时常唠叨我:“你有心事就不要说你OK, 因为我知道你这个人就是喜欢硬撑,甚至全身伤痕累累还会笑着说你OK”。



因为,观众是我最大的推动力 :) 我不想让支持我的朋友们担心, 我只想和你分享有正能量的事情,所以我很少表露出烦恼。看到你们的笑容, 能让我忘掉所有烦恼。 希望支持我音乐的朋友们快快乐乐的,is all that matters to me. 你的支持,芝麻一族的爱护,让我觉得很幸福。你的聆听,让我想继续努力带给你好音乐陪伴你,鼓励你。

那时候的我,便以沉默去面对一切。觉得自己好像被困在一个黑洞里。On good days, 我觉得自己是勇敢的战士,On bad days, 我无助地倒在地上,完全崩溃。

情绪低落时,她们会听我倾诉。当我“消失”好几天,她们会发简讯找我。 其中一为,其实也为爱情的事而烦,但即使她有心事,也一直把我的事情放在第一位。有时候,她会说不再相信“幸福”这两个字。

人生却是如此的奇妙。在我最不乐观的时候,却找到一丝乐观去鼓励她说:“傻瓜,you have no idea how wonderful you are. 只要你相信,你一定可以找到幸福“。

人生难免会有暴风雨的袭击。当一切平静下来,你会对发生过的事情有所领悟。也只有亲自去忍受疼头,包扎伤口,才会逐渐恢复,成长。那段日子我学了很多 “life lessons” 

在你最脆弱的时候,只要有一个人在你身边守护着你,你会觉得那就是你的安全区,甚至给予你力量, 让你重新找到对生命的憧憬。


我把 demo录好之后, 感觉把所有的情绪都释放。I felt empowered。我把信封粘好,就把它寄出去。心中有一种说不出的平静。没想到,之后接到电话说歌曲被选为《志在四方》片尾曲。我好开心,立刻开始100%投入歌曲的制作,之后得到更好的消息说《幸福不难》被定为的主题曲。真的要感谢监制,制作组给我这个机会。

People say “everything happens for a reason”.  I can’t agree more. 如果那时候没有经历这些事情,可能就不会写出这首歌。所以,我不介意让你知道那时候的我有多无助,颓丧。因为重要的是,通过《幸福不难》我能够和你分享之后的我,如何走出这片黑暗。

这期间,我收到好多留言,看到朋友们会在Facebook,Twitter, 微博上分享歌曲的歌词,我看了感到很欣慰。I feel the song has come full circle, and I thank you for letting the song come to live.

人生必定有起起落落,但是,当你觉得前方会有困难的时候,我希望你给自己一分钟的时间,停下来。 你会发觉身边有好多事情值得我们去庆祝,爱护,以及珍惜。哭过的,痛过的都不重要, don’t let that get in your way。 Know that love is just round the corner and there are many beautiful things worth celebrating, staying true and living for. 只要你相信,你一定能幸福,快乐。:) 🙂 🙂



「幸福不难」- 电视剧《志在四方》The Dream Makers 主题曲 (完整歌词版)


这几个月都忙着筹备新作品, 所以都没时间写博客。 可是,我还是每天都在脸书上分享照片 :)所以呀,快快到我的 facebook网页 按个“赞”好不好? 那每天都会有我的消息,也能看到你的留言,和你说说话。


去年在由媒體發展局与新传媒联手举办的”电视剧主题曲Call for Proposal (CFP), 得知自己的作品被选中的时候,我非常开心。因为今年是电视50周年,能为8频道重头剧写和演唱主题曲,我真的感到非常荣幸。参与的演员更是本身非常喜欢的演员,包括鄭惠玉,歐萱,瑞恩,戚玉武,陳莉萍等艺人。所以想特别感谢MDA以及新传媒《志在四方》监制以及制作组的支持, 这首歌才能顺利完成。当然少不了制作过程所合作的音乐同事们。


创作一直是我和你沟通的一个管道,在你的聆听下,很庆幸的,无论是快乐或悲伤我都能毫无保留的,在创作里和你分享。这,我非常珍惜,也是我最大的推动力。 《志在四方》播出后,看到很多朋友都留言说喜欢这首歌,也 retweet 副歌的歌词,看了和感动。感谢支持这首歌的朋友们, 更想听你们听了这首歌之后的感想。你可在facebook上留言,我一定会看。



Image courtesy of MediaCorp Pte. Ltd


HO HO HO! Winter Wonderland

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas my dears.

I am dazed from a week of late nights, juggling work, gift shopping, and gift wrapping. I love wrapping presents, complete with ribbons and bows. (even though I know the wrappinng’s gonna be torn up in 2 secs lol). Guess it’s just a habit of mine… I feel gifting a prettily wrapped present puts a smile on anyone’s face.

*My nieces were very trilled by this wrapper. i tried sight singing to the notes on…there’s a neat little tune going on in there* wahaha

Oh, I bought a Christmas Tree this year! (A mini one) . It’s my first!!!! *faint* Nonetheless, I had heaps of fun decorating it!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year. Drop me a line or two and tell me how you spent xmas. I would love to read it 🙂

Here’s a little song from me to you. xoxo