A post about bananas.

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Hi, I wanna share this simple home made recipe with you! I’ve never been too disciplined with my fruits and vegetables. If only bananas looked like our cute friends from Bananas in Pajamas, maybe it would have been a different story.

Lately, while having to prepare my own meals as I work on my writing at home, it got me started on thinking more about food and what I eat, making a conscious effot to pack each meal with nutritious ingredients, and in creative ways.

Well everyone loves a cheesecake, and oh we don’t particularly love the thought of going to the gym after the cheescake! (definitely not me) 🙂 I saw some bananas lying around the house that day and decided to make my own dessert. Ok, clap clap, *rubs hands* here we go:

Ingredients: Bananas, Yogurt, Lemon Juice, Honey

I haven’t got the exact teaspoons and measures, because its easy to do a quick taste test on this one before you throw it in the freezer. Make it with love!!! So, here we go:

1. Mash the bananas in a bowl (est about 1 banana per person)

2. Add a few spoons of yogurt (I usually go for yogurt with lower sugar levels)

3. Stir the mixture till it is smooth

4. Add a little touch of citrus juice and honey and continue to stir the mixture. Do a final taste test of the mixture and adjust until you’re happy with it

5. Place some cereal in a bag and crush them to crumb like size, and sprinkle uniformly to fill the base of a freezer friendly container. (This forms your crust)

6. Pour the banana yogurt mixture into the container and smoothen it out.

7. Seal the container and place it in the freezer.

8. When ready to serve, turn out the cake onto a plate and woohoo there you go!

Very healthy ingredients, super happy, and a fruity frosty treat. BIG GRIN

Try it will ya? And let me know how it goes.



I can give you Gatsbyyyyyyy

Busy busy busy.

Writing and brainstorming for the English EP continues…I am also geared up for some traveling for the upcoming legs of the F.I.R “It’s My Life” World Tour to Atlantic City, Taipei and Malaysia over Jun/Jul.

I’ve been sleeping late too because I review all the songs I’ve written for the English EP thus far each night before I sleep, and I think of you guys and the songs I want you to hear, and just live and breathe it day in and day out.

Whoopee! It’s Friday, and because its Friday, we deserve to have a good time.

Have you seen the Gatsby Ad that’s been playing on TV lately?
It got me laughing so hard I almost spilled my coffee. It’s been awhile since we heard this tune.

You know, it gets me all the time, like a spell. The guy sings :” iiiiiii…..can give you Gatsby..” by the time you sit up and go “Hey!”, Takuya Kimura is probably already all set looking at you with his killer eyes. (You then secretly wish he wasn’t trapped in the TV Box)

Or he would appear with a friend. (A toy dog I reckon in this one)
I can’t read Japanese Text and I hope the video title says something like advert.

Or he does something like this (but still looks ravishingly good, tsk.)
Someday, I wanna dance and twirl my hair so cool and carefree like him!

It could be moving rubber, deodorant, facial wash….the ad stays in me for a long time.

Now it starts to make sense why when I was taking the train in Tokyo, every guy looked like he stepped out from a Gatsby Ad!

I found all the commercials on the Gatsby Website but I can’t embed the videos in this post, so click here if you want more!!!

Absolutely delightful. Happy Friday!

And all together now…:” iiiiiii…..can give you….”

Look momma, Smokey Eyes!

I love my momma.

She gives me the “almond shape” eyes that many tell me runs in my family.

I was a very naughty kid growing up. She tells me the time I took a 6B pencil to draw eyeliner around my eyes ranks as one of my most champion stories….I drew it so dark and smokey she had a hard time washing it off.

When I working in the corporate world, my 9am to late working hours hardly gave me opportunity to have dinner with my parents. Now as a singer-songwriter, there are days I work like crazy but there are days too I get to enjoy more time with them at home which I am so thankful for.

I introduced my momma to the “Ellen DeGeneres” show. Rather, she didn’t have a choice as I watched it diligently every morning. She would go: “又看這個女人?!!?” (I explained to tell her Ellen changed my life with her laughter and positivity). We would both laugh like crazy when Ellen plays musical chairs on the show.

[Picture from ellen.warnerbros.com]

Mommy introduced me to things she enjoyed watching. Recently, the Korean Drama Series “Pink Lipstick”, became our favourite dinner time show.

The few months recording 55:38:7 were intense. So intense, I loss any sense of time. My parents left the house while I slept in till noon. I’d return home at 3 – 4 am when they are sleeping. But rain or shine, a bowl of soup awaits me everynight, either in a thermos flask or a note that says: “Soup in Oven.”

My mommy has super powers because she knows exactly when I run out of my staples like lemons and herbal jelly and replenishes even before I can go “Hey!”

When my eyes were busted by the eye infection recently, I saw two doctors on my own but momma accompanied me to the 3rd one that finally gave me cure. For a week, she dropped eye-drops for me every 3 hours, and would apply every night, the antibiotic eye cream for me till my eyes recovered.

Of course, growing up, there were times I made momma angry. But as I grow and as I spend more time with her, I tell myself, I don’t ever want to make her angry again.

Mommy has trained me since young to clean my room weekly. When I go overseas for concerts / shows, I know she sneaks into my room and gives it a good clean so I come home to a nice room. I know it because I came home and saw this one day….

Everyday, she works round the clock, engrossed in her work around the house and I know it is because of her that I eat well, sleep well, and not have to worry. She loves me through my angelic, naughty, cranky, tired or stressed days and stands by me in whatever I do.

So this year, I wanted to give her something special sewed with love.

I love my momma.

Tears of Bravery…

It has been a tough two weeks as I catch up with the latest news on the earthquake, and the stories of strength and love that emerged.

The lack of a blog entry lately wasn’t because of my hectic schedule. Rather, I felt most of the time at a lost of words and incapacitated.

The tipping point this week was seeing the tears on these children’s faces at the graduation ceremony held for the students of the Hashikami Elementary and Junior High School. (see article from The New York Times)

(Picture: Shiho Fukada for The International Herald Tribune)

Watching the daily news coverage was heartbreaking; photographs of then homes now completely destroyed, and then emerged these stories of how so many put the live of others before their own…the “Fukushima 50”, teachers who ensured their students’ safety during the tsunami but weren’t in time to save their own…

When they were pushed to the brim of having lost everything overnight, including their loved ones, it grips my heart to see how the people of Japan stay united, and ride it out with so much strength, heart and spirit.

What is life, what is real, what truly matters…I continue to fathom the complexities and simplicities of human life. Sometimes it seems to me we tend to equate simplicity and time inversely. But in times like these, it reinforces within me that simplicity is the constant. That the simple things in life are priceless and these matter up till the end of time so let’s treasure them all with the life we have.

Let’s continue to pray for Japan, and do everything we can in our capacity to help. Every thought, and every action counts. Dear Japan, our hearts and our prayers are you.


Can Touch This?

I was at the National Museum recently and saw this. What comes to your mind when you see this sign?
I thought to myself: “Can’t touch this!”

For awhile, I forgot about this beautiful statue I was admiring and my mind started to wander…

There was this particular episode in GLEE where the kids started dancing in the library to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” . It was insanely hilarious but also got me thinking of their message.

I think we all hold dear certain things in life, and come what may, we will protect them with all we have.

Your loved ones, your best friends, your dreams, your ideals, who you are.

On a lighter note, even my favorite chocolate is a “Can’t Touch This”. (of course I am kidding!)

As young as kids, we’ve seen some big nasty kid bullying a nice kid at school. Recently, I heard astounding stories of how a little kid was bullied at school 🙁 Well, it doesn’t change even as we get older does it? We will always hear of bully stories that make everyone at the coffee table go aiyoh! tsk tsk!

So anyhoo! Think of all the things you love and the people you love…and remember this: Can’t touch this, baby!

Time for some dancing in the library!

I recommend a walk when you are fuming – My corrupted camera card

You probably read in an earlier post that my camera card was corrupted on one occasion and of all things, it contained behind the scenes of the photoshoot for my album <55:38:7>.



(1) I always recommend a walk when you are fuming.
I learnt something during my corporate days from this person I worked with. When he  had to deal with something ginormous, something that presented itself as a problem or like a “THAT’S IT” situation, or if he was about to explode, he would just hold everything in. (including his red face).

I sometimes have this Ally McBeal thing going on when I talk to people (the background music, babies dancing sorta thing), so I would look at the red angry face sitting across me, and imagine an on-coming eruption but in slow motion…. Three seconds of silence but of what feels like eternity follows..1..2..3…

Instead, he turns to me and say, “Okay, I’m going for a walk”, and he’s gone the next instant. Poof.

Everything changed when he came back. He was smiling, he was happy, and ladies and gentlmen, we have a solution.

(2) When life presents you with a nasty situation, there is always another way of looking at it, and I like to think there is something we can take away from it.
After  a brisk walk to the kitchen and back, the don’t try don’t know in me decided to look at all the damaged pictures to see if anything could be used at all. I clicked with super positivity (and a 1% whatever mentatlity) on one of those half disco colored, half grey thumbnails (guys who have had their pictures corrupted, you will know what i mean).

I laughed when the picture was enlarged. [A little sense of humor does help during such times 🙂 ] Not that bad afterall, it looked like kinda artsy. I clicked on more and soon I assembled a collection lol. Whadya think?

I love you people, rock on.

♥: 小芝

To view the photos that were not damaged, click here.

p/s: full introduction of the photoshoot awesome people coming up in another post.


上次,很不幸的, 我的相机内存卡坏了。 结果,我们在拍<55:38:7>专辑照片时候拍下的幕后照片, 有些受到影响。


那时候, 我想起我认识的一位朋友。 他在生气或承受压力的时候, 或者快要爆发的时候, 就会深呼吸, 然后跟我说,:“Ok, 我要去走走。”就这样,跑出去。 十五分钟后的他,不只气消了,还想到了解决方法。这,我觉得很有趣, 也很有用。

于是,我很有耐心的把所有受影响的照片一个一个打开来看看。有些看起来, 还蛮有艺术感的哈哈。 在这里和你分享!