Hello 2012!

Happy New Year precious ones! Yay! I’ve done up a new blog banner. I hope u like it!

This week, I just had a haircut and a new color, thanks to the maestro David himself 🙂 Am loving the new look and I feel refreshed and ready to take on the new year!

Just recently I was so excited knowing I was going to meet David for a shoot! 🙂 Naturally so, when you are going to meet someone whom you have utmost respect for.

It was my first time shooting in a studio, with full on angles, lights, the works!And naturally I was nervous! For instance, how should I stand, where should I put my hands.. and it was so humbling to meet David and the rest of the power packed team for the shoot, Wee Khim, Andy Lee & Martin Wong. They were all so encouraging and guided me along so well that it became really fun and relaxing on the set. Soon I was having a blast, and feeling superbly fantastic.

There was a nice chemistry and commitment to greatness from everyone in the room that was really inspiring.

The end product in Jan’s issue of 〈女友〉!
Serene Koong 龚芝怡 in NuYou Magazine

Serene Koong 龚芝怡 in NuYou Magazine
非常感谢 <女友>!

Each time I had a chance to chat with David on a few occasions, I truly appreciate how he shares his thoughts with me and gives me encouraging words of advise. (Was really touched to see his blog entry this week :*)

The path of music is tough tough tough and hence all the more I do not take for granted things and people I hold dear to my heart. When I took a moment to reflect on 2011 just before taking the stage for the F.I.R Guangzhou Concert on New Year’s Eve, I gave thanks for the many things.

One, for the love from my fans, and my muffins who are always there, rain or shine, who are here growing with me.

Two, my family and awesome friends, and some from acquaintances turned good friends who will check in on me every once in awhile and never hesitate to help when I call.

And finally, I feel constantly blessed to be able to meet great individuals and role models who are willing to believe, 肯給我機會, to do all they can to help, to guide and they inspire me in so many ways by virtue of who they are and all they have accomplished. And the one thing I feel is so important is to listen, to feel the energy around them, and absorb, and keep growing.

I have always felt since Day 1 that I embarked on this journey that nothing would have been possible without a constant accumulation of blessings and love from people I meet who got me started, who taught me so much and helped me in so many ways.

2012 here we come with new beginnings, grateful hearts and a commitment to a brilliant year!

Thank you David for your kindness and for being so supportive in so many ways I can’t thank you enough!

With David Gan 🙂

Quick photo with David and Andy after the shoot!