Angel Voices


How was your valentines? Hope you had a lovely one 🙂 I cooked a simple meal and was writing at home. Straight after the Huayi concert, I plunged straight into work as there’s so much to be done. And yes! I’ve to blog about Huayi too! I had such a blast, u guys are simply awesome! That coming up!

Have been catching up with reports about Whitney Houston and then, 鳳飛飛, how she battled her illness, and the great lady she was to her fans and those around her. The passing of two great singers within such a short span of time is just heartbreaking. I started looking up youtube videos of two of my fav songs by them this morning.

There weren’t even elaborate MVs during that time, not that it mattered. Revisiting the music of such greats like Etta James, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, 鳳飛飛 shows us how, it was and is all about good heartfelt music. Closed my eyes and listened to every word, every line, so honest, I was tearing up halfway through the videos.

鳳飛飛 《掌聲響起》

聽聽她的嗓音,她的堅強, 她的故事。

Whitney Houston – One Moment in Time

This is one song that always makes me feel lifted and walk away believing. I loved how she simply stood at that one spot and sang every word with conviction, and grace. Her voice soaring through at 4:10 of the video. 5:29 – precious.

R.I.P 鳳飛飛 and Whitney Houston. Thank you for sharing with us music in its purest form.