Can Touch This?

I was at the National Museum recently and saw this. What comes to your mind when you see this sign?
I thought to myself: “Can’t touch this!”

For awhile, I forgot about this beautiful statue I was admiring and my mind started to wander…

There was this particular episode in GLEE where the kids started dancing in the library to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” . It was insanely hilarious but also got me thinking of their message.

I think we all hold dear certain things in life, and come what may, we will protect them with all we have.

Your loved ones, your best friends, your dreams, your ideals, who you are.

On a lighter note, even my favorite chocolate is a “Can’t Touch This”. (of course I am kidding!)

As young as kids, we’ve seen some big nasty kid bullying a nice kid at school. Recently, I heard astounding stories of how a little kid was bullied at school 🙁 Well, it doesn’t change even as we get older does it? We will always hear of bully stories that make everyone at the coffee table go aiyoh! tsk tsk!

So anyhoo! Think of all the things you love and the people you love…and remember this: Can’t touch this, baby!

Time for some dancing in the library!