Yoga makes tough cookies

I saw this awhile ago. I think its insanely cute.

Yoga had me in tears this week. Good tears….We did the split. OUCH!

I’ve been attending yoga for a few months now. On top of the health benefits it brings, I really like yoga because there is one thing it teaches me – perseverance and endurance.

How and why?

1. Focus – Yoga involves holding a yoga posture for specific duration. My instructor always says “come on, you can do it, with every exhale, push yourself in the stretch.” while keeping time.

Some postures are so demanding you feel like giving up. But it is achievable if you concentrate on performing the posture accurately, and focus on the breathing.

2. Peace & endurance– The other aspect that trains this perseverance is for the fact that Yoga class is so quiet. You don’t hear anyone screaming “Ouch”, comment on the postures and no chit-chatting for sure 🙂

I plugged some images from Google. Imagine doing these postures without uttering a word! How do you do that? Well in yoga class, you do just it 🙂

It has trained me to endure, and to stay focused. Seriously, the only things you here in class the instructor’s voice, and soft relaxation music playing in the background.

And then there’s a full length mirror in front of the class so we can check our postures. There’s something about reflection. This has become a weekly me-time where I gather my thoughts and find the two hours of peace that I need.

3. Perseverance – So, back to the split.

I am good with my back excercises, but the split is just not great! Held on for the longest time and this unbearable pain was pulling up in the leg (as you would feel if you try the split) but I held on till I found myself tearing up! LOL But alls good when the instructor stays stop. There’s this sense of satisfaction that you challenged yourself to a further place.

I had such a tough week and this reminded me that sometimes we forget we are capable of being strong. You get pushed and kicked for awhile and little events remind you that hey, you are a toughie.

Sometimes we get pushed to a point we think we’re about to break, but if we bite on and push ourselves further, you will realize you are stronger than you thought you were.

Oh wait, isn’t there a line from Winnie-the-Pooh? “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” – Christopher Robin



p/s: Image source: Yoga Cat from catpictures. All other images from