Singapore Hit Awards 2012, Music is Life!

With 林宥嘉, 胡夏 and MP魔幻力量. Pretty little dress by Keith Png!


Tree planting in progress! 🙂

My name next to the tree I planted! So next time you visit the Singapore Flyer, do say hi to my tree and tell me its progress!


This year, it was great pleasure attending the Singapore Hit Awards 2012. 转眼间,是一年,.. I recalled how I was so very much overwhelmed  on stage last year when I received awards, I was shaking as I delivered my thank yous… As I meet more people during my course of work, I really treasure the support from all awesome people I meet who support local music.

Firstly, my precious fans. And then there are people from industries that are all closely interlinked with music…fashion, media, beauty, film etc. Many I first knew as acquaintances who became good friends, and I keep meeting more wonderful people.

It makes you feel extremely humbled. It feels wonderful to be a part of this growing community who come together to support and promote local music, fashion, art, film etc. It makes me wanna keep working hard and commit my all to it.

I wanna say special thank yous to these lovely individuals for styling me this year for the Singapore Hit Awards. Firstly, Keith Png, who dressed me for both the Tree Planting Ceremony and the Singapore Hit Awards Show at night. Thank you Keith!!!! Clarence Lee for the lovely makeup, and Ryan from Passion Hair Salon. We tried a whole new look that night! Loved it! 😉

With Ryan Passion Hair Salon. And special thanks to David Gan 🙂


大合照! [Picture from Y.E.S933 Facebook

Time to get some sleep before I head to the studios for production work! xoxo


Live at the Esplanade!
Huayi – 05 Feb 2012, 730 pm

SO EXCITED! It’s gonna be my first show at the Esplanade!
05 Feb 2012 (SUN), 7.30 pm, Esplanade Recital Studio!
Tickets available at SISTIC!

The Esplanade and Huayi Festival celebrate their 10th anniversary in 2012, and I am both excited and honored to be one of the featured indie artists for the in::music series!

I tweeted this morning that I love you guys and my muffins so much because really, you have no idea how much your love and support keep me going. The path of music is not easy, especially for us indie singer-songwriters, but to hear you guys come up and tell me 加油, 我喜歡你的音樂 is what makes me not take any of this for granted, and keep the music growing. That’s why I am really excited about 05 Feb 2012! 1 hour show! Yayness!

The Esplanade Recital Studio is an awesome venue, love the sound, the lights, the ambience and most importantly, the ability to be close to your audience.

I can’t wait to get in there and have a nice cosy evening with you. Tinkle on the piano, sing my songs and tell you stories on how they began. From a broken heart, a doll, a crush on someone, the fear of losing someone,…to a song, to lyrics, to the final recording you hear. Each song takes heart & soul and time, and it’s precisely because of this that each song has a life on its own. I want to take you to the time I wrote these songs in my room, by the piano…times in my life when I lived, loved and laughed.

Gonna preview some new material too and you’re gonna be the first to hear them! 🙂

We’ve got the band ready! Real awesome dudes, (Eric is playing too!) all good friends of mine whom I met during this journey of music making.

Come with your friends! Get Your TICKETS here!
SEE YOU 5 Feb 2012! 明知我愛你!

Click here for the in::music website!

p/s: Shout out to the lovely Esplanade team for the poster! Love it!!!!