I thank my papa and mama for me, and my little close knit family for who they are.

I had tea and cake and a little walk, and saw a (yikes!!!) peacock.

I remember tears I’ve shed during quiet nights, but that which made me stronger.

Is a day to celebrate life as it is, (certainly not silicons, not gold), rather, and essentially, who we are, what we stand for, and how we impact others.

I recall how my heart flutters in the face of challenges but I know these teach us to scale higher mountains.

I’ve received the 2nd cake and 2nd handmade card from my beloved FC, Muffin-renes. The card got bigger this year. We have more little muffins in the house! Thank u sweethearts.

I received messages on my phone, whatsapps, tweets, weibo all which made me smile.

I caught up with some of my buddies, one was gonna get a motorcycle, one called from Australia, Miss LMTE, and my bff girlies.

I was so super blessed by Facebook wishes from all of you who keep me company on this music journey and I read every single message. xoxo

Today, I count my blessings for every wonderful moment, friend, person, YOU, knowing that nothing in this world is given, hence with all my heart I cherish.

Today, A day wiser.

Today, I’m bursting with energy and songs and can’t wait for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Let’s get crackin! ROCK AND ROLL.

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