The dude that scared me during my four hour hike.

You probably gather from most of my Facebook posts that I’ve been staying in these months working on the English EP. I have been getting messages from you guys to 加油!, and that you 期待!and I just want to shout out from a mountain top that YOU are the very reason I am putting all my heart and soul into this. I know it is very possible to put out an album at lightning speed these days, but it means alot to me to give a 100% for you, so I have been working and working, and brewing it with whole concentration. One demo on average takes a week and by the weekend, its time for some fresh air.

I love walks because its a time for quiet, to think, to discover. Yea, so I went for the 4 hour hike. Ran among the trees, danced with a butterfly, and I asked you to guess one creature that got me running for my life!!! You’ll know just in abit. Read on.

哈咯,最近都躲在家里努力的筹备英文EP。你知道吗,常看到你们的留言,叫我加油!说你很期待! 真的给我很大的推动力。爱你们! 我知道现在要很快地推出一张专辑不是不容易,其實要容易就容易, 可是要難也可以很難。可是我只想把100% 放進去, 所以在很用心的做。 平时一首歌的Demo可以花上一周的时间,所以周末就会去走走,思考,补充精神。 两星期前去远足, 呼吸新鲜空气啦!走了将近四小时的旅程, 看到很多平时看不到的东西,和美景。还记得吗?我在微博上要你们猜是什么动物让我看了就跑?答案和照片在这儿!


There are times the sun finds you…感觉好像和太阳玩捉迷藏。有时候感受到他温暖的行踪。。

There are times you look for the sun. 有時候我找他。。。

Pretty yellow butterfly.。。got me so excited I decided to dance with it but got frightened when she came flying into my face. 看到漂亮的小蝴蝶, 兴奋地和她起舞!可是当蝴蝶向著我冲来的时候,吓得我原地乱跳!

There’s always a time and place for a little peace sign. 喔耶!

I think this applies to dreams. Go for it, and don’t look back.
这牌子说:“请不要回头。” 我觉得很有意思。很多时候,无论是梦想,或追求你要的快乐和生活,都需要这种精神,这一股勇气。你说是吗?

Found a heartbroken leaf and took it home with me. 看到一片心碎了的叶子。把它带回家。。

Never knew leaves could look so pretty. 叶子原来可以那么的漂亮!

Quiet. 清靜。。。

So which living thing scared me I asked!? BIG round of applause to all of your answers! Some of you made me laugh so hard!!! 🙂 这是Facebook上的朋友们在猜我怕什么动物。微博上的朋友一下子就有人猜到了!

TaaahDahhh! Here’s the dude!

Hang on, this is a poster. I was too frightened to take a pic of the real one! 


Love, 小芝

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