What Steve Jobs and his mighty machines mean to me.

There was a day somewhere back in time the world sat up and took notice of some sleek looking gadgets and little did we know then it would become what Apple stands for today. A brand synonymous with cool, innovation, and fun.

All of a sudden, boundaries were blurred between work and play. We were able to integret music, pictures, work and lifestyle all together. These isomethings that delivered a whole new user experience and culture… iPhone, iPod, iPad…

I remember the day I first received my Mac years back. So excited, I even took a silly picture like this before I turned on the machine.

And then a dear friend of mine gifted me with an iPad. Access to a world of information with one touch of a screen. It was a big YAY for me because I started to tweet / weibo with my fans when I am on the go, upload pictures when I am on tour for concerts or work overseas…

During the time I was preparing the classical piece for my performance at the eAwards 2011, my metronome which I used since playing the piano from a young age broke. The iPad became my metronome (with an application that happens to be called ibeat! :D). I have GarageBand in my iPad too which allows me to put together quick demos on the roads.

These days while locked up at home writing and recording demos, I take my iPad to the kitchen, surfing up easy to cook and yummy recipes on Epicurious.

And of course there’s that Tom the talking Cat that makes my mom and nieces and any prim and proper person venture to say the most hilarious things, only to have Tom say it back.

So, Steve Jobs has resigned.
I guess many say they saw it coming and some analysts say the timing of the announcement was strategic , in view of the new iPhone launch.

But so much is tied to this name that I wish it wasn’t today. Maybe, its because I’ve always watched his speeches and loved how he spoke passionately about this brand he built and more importantly, substantiated his talk with innovations that kept getting better.

And I feel something for it because getting a Mac was pivotal to my life as a singer-songwriter. That was when I started writing and making music thanks to Steve Jobs and his mighty machines.

Pink ain’t my favorite color! I got the Yoga!

I started on Yoga classes! YAY!

Btw, some of my blog titles look crazy. Like this one. “I got the Yoga!!!”
I promise you it is not bad grammar, but the template I am using which seems to omit Punctuation Marks, and chinese text.

It’s been eons since my last entry here but if you have seen the updates on my Facebook Page that I’ve done some crazy flying in the last two months two really fun trips for the F.I.R “It’s my Life” World Tour, to Atlantic City and Taipei.

The band, just before the show with F.I.R. woots.

Band pic before the show in Taipei!

Then, it was a stretch of “Speak Mandarin Campaign 2011” Campus Shows (9 schools in 9 Days). I had a ball of a time and it was fun working with the SMC team again this year. (shoutout to y’all ladies!) A big thank you to our sponsors, M.A.C for the cosmetics, and Skin Couture and FEMMEX respectively for my wardrobe during these shows.

More pictures here!

I wrote in my recent UWeekly Column (优一周) how these SMC campus shows got me going back to where I came from, why I chose to be a singer-songwriter and made those sacrifices, and taking the leap of faith.

Singing to a hall-full of students who waved and knew the song “明知我愛你”, unforgettable encounters.. when a girl ran up to me and said “Your songs rock!”, every smile that greeted me when we shook hands, every student I spoke to. It brought meaning to everything. It made me wanna write even more and work even harder, and forget all my troubles and stresses.

Well, life is made up of sunny on some days, and rainy on others. Prior, certain things were constantly on my mind, which I eventually figured that when things happened which I did not understand, they exist to make me understand other things better.

So, the yoga. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, glad I finally signed up. Perhaps its the only thing that will take me away from my room, as I have been working on the English EP all day everyday.

Got my Mat, and my flip flops. Pink ain’t my favorite color I swear!

Lesson 1, I realized we need to make an effort to relax. We may think we are, but a little frown or bite of a lip gives us away. Slowly learning the names of the poses. Reverse Warrior, the Bow..Lovin the stretches and the goodness I feel after class.

I went for some quiet over the weekend too. Never knew we had such lovely places on this little island of ours! Did you? Doesn’t this look like a page right out of a fairytale book that says:” And they live happily ever after…”