I can give you Gatsbyyyyyyy

Busy busy busy.

Writing and brainstorming for the English EP continues…I am also geared up for some traveling for the upcoming legs of the F.I.R “It’s My Life” World Tour to Atlantic City, Taipei and Malaysia over Jun/Jul.

I’ve been sleeping late too because I review all the songs I’ve written for the English EP thus far each night before I sleep, and I think of you guys and the songs I want you to hear, and just live and breathe it day in and day out.

Whoopee! It’s Friday, and because its Friday, we deserve to have a good time.

Have you seen the Gatsby Ad that’s been playing on TV lately?
It got me laughing so hard I almost spilled my coffee. It’s been awhile since we heard this tune.

You know, it gets me all the time, like a spell. The guy sings :” iiiiiii…..can give you Gatsby..” by the time you sit up and go “Hey!”, Takuya Kimura is probably already all set looking at you with his killer eyes. (You then secretly wish he wasn’t trapped in the TV Box)

Or he would appear with a friend. (A toy dog I reckon in this one)
I can’t read Japanese Text and I hope the video title says something like advert.

Or he does something like this (but still looks ravishingly good, tsk.)
Someday, I wanna dance and twirl my hair so cool and carefree like him!

It could be moving rubber, deodorant, facial wash….the ad stays in me for a long time.

Now it starts to make sense why when I was taking the train in Tokyo, every guy looked like he stepped out from a Gatsby Ad!

I found all the commercials on the Gatsby Website but I can’t embed the videos in this post, so click here if you want more!!!

Absolutely delightful. Happy Friday!

And all together now…:” iiiiiii…..can give you….”

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