The heartbreak in Heartbreak Tree

Hey guys, last week I shared the original demo for “戀愛女生都是羊” was originally written in english, titled “HeartBreak Tree”. (Listen to it here.)

I also wanted to let you in on the process of how my original demos morphed into the final product on 55:38:7. So, today, I’m gonna tell you how “戀愛女生都是羊” came about.

When I was writing the uptempo numbers for the album, I wanted to incorporate a dash of music genres I love and influence me, and Soul is one of them. Yea, somewhere within me, there’s this lil’ soul that loves the good old sound of sctuff like these.

There’s something very infectious about soul music, and how it connects people. The funky rhythms and handclaps, and singing of heartache or hardtimes in such an expressive manner gets me moving. What I identify with is the spirit in these songs, which I believe is reflective of how people felt during those days soul music originated.

Here’s one classic I listen to over and over again – “Cry To Me” by Solomon Burke, widely referred to as a founding father of soul music during the 60s.

My inspiration for the song… why Heartbreak Tree?
It started with imagining a girl being stood up by her boy on they day they decided to meet under a tree. After I had a few cups of coffee, things like “I took an airplane to Miami Beach” and “And then you walked by with someone else who looked like me” came along. If she wore a dress, this is how it would look like.

I sometimes think I am one awkward child because I have a natural liking for very very sad things. Sad songs, sad stories…but I am kinda thankful for it as I believe thats the reason why I love being a singer song-writer!

小寒 always jokes about how there’s a tinge of sad even in my happy songs. People who know me know I don’t like to sugar-coat things and I believe in staying true to who I am when I write my songs and share them with you 🙂 In the case of heartbreak tree, it was sad + silly funny but “hey I’ll stand up on my feet alright” all at the same time. Very me.

The challenge and fun while writing it was in angling it as a mandarin song…Injecting some of these soul elements within a mandarin melody.

Now, the arrangement.
You’ll notice the original demo was pretty raw as I wanted to present it in a live band kind setting. My Ally McBeal imagination saw me singing this song loud with all the girls in the house and a snazzy guy band backing me up. Somewhere at the bridge, we’ll all clap and sing at the top of our lungs “Where is my Love!” (listen to the demo and you’ll know). Eric the bossman arranged the final product with a cool beats thing going. We expanded on the piano and organs used in my original demo for the final product, for which I roped in my pal and main piano man Matthew to work with me.

Working on the mandarin Lyrics 《戀愛女生都是羊》 proper
I don’t know how 小寒 and myself always go back and forth with ideas non stop on MSN (which looks like a typing competition at the same time) and suddenly we’ll get a “IT” moment. We both wanted it to be a “姊妹歌“ kinda vibe and the sheep herd eventually galloped its way into the lyrics lol. Read her 詞解 here!

Ok, The main guy. The Heartbreaker
Well of course this post ain’t complete without a picture of the main man, the lonesome little heartbreaker right? Here’s my picture with him.

So here’s the story of 《戀愛女生都是羊》。 I have had a couple of responses asking me if 戀愛男生都是狼?


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