Look momma, Smokey Eyes!

I love my momma.

She gives me the “almond shape” eyes that many tell me runs in my family.

I was a very naughty kid growing up. She tells me the time I took a 6B pencil to draw eyeliner around my eyes ranks as one of my most champion stories….I drew it so dark and smokey she had a hard time washing it off.

When I working in the corporate world, my 9am to late working hours hardly gave me opportunity to have dinner with my parents. Now as a singer-songwriter, there are days I work like crazy but there are days too I get to enjoy more time with them at home which I am so thankful for.

I introduced my momma to the “Ellen DeGeneres” show. Rather, she didn’t have a choice as I watched it diligently every morning. She would go: “又看這個女人?!!?” (I explained to tell her Ellen changed my life with her laughter and positivity). We would both laugh like crazy when Ellen plays musical chairs on the show.

[Picture from ellen.warnerbros.com]

Mommy introduced me to things she enjoyed watching. Recently, the Korean Drama Series “Pink Lipstick”, became our favourite dinner time show.

The few months recording 55:38:7 were intense. So intense, I loss any sense of time. My parents left the house while I slept in till noon. I’d return home at 3 – 4 am when they are sleeping. But rain or shine, a bowl of soup awaits me everynight, either in a thermos flask or a note that says: “Soup in Oven.”

My mommy has super powers because she knows exactly when I run out of my staples like lemons and herbal jelly and replenishes even before I can go “Hey!”

When my eyes were busted by the eye infection recently, I saw two doctors on my own but momma accompanied me to the 3rd one that finally gave me cure. For a week, she dropped eye-drops for me every 3 hours, and would apply every night, the antibiotic eye cream for me till my eyes recovered.

Of course, growing up, there were times I made momma angry. But as I grow and as I spend more time with her, I tell myself, I don’t ever want to make her angry again.

Mommy has trained me since young to clean my room weekly. When I go overseas for concerts / shows, I know she sneaks into my room and gives it a good clean so I come home to a nice room. I know it because I came home and saw this one day….

Everyday, she works round the clock, engrossed in her work around the house and I know it is because of her that I eat well, sleep well, and not have to worry. She loves me through my angelic, naughty, cranky, tired or stressed days and stands by me in whatever I do.

So this year, I wanted to give her something special sewed with love.

I love my momma.

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