Inside the mind of John Lennon, Inside the word Singer-Songwriter

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I chanced upon this image in Reuters of John Lennon’s handwritten lyrics for the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” which was reportedly up for auction. Cool huh? This is one great man whose works I always admire and listen with awe, thinking:”Wow, How did he write that?”.

The Life Of A Singer-Songwriter
Friends sometimes ask me what I do as a singer-songwriter. Yea, I realize I share alot about the song, the melody and its inspirations, but actually much more goes on in the life of a singer-songwriter.

After coming up with the melody, you work on the demo, then the actual arrangement, lyrics, and so many more things and many individuals craft and time also goes into the production process before the final recording.

I have a habit of keeping all my workings and drafts from start to finish, so I dug up my stash and took some pictures to show you some behind-the-scenes while working on 55:38:7. I can’t cover all grounds in one blog post, but I’ll pick some pictures and tell you as we go along!

This was when I was brainstorming lyrics for the F&N Jingle “LaLa”.

Draft plannings on the organ, horns and electric piano parts with my good friend crazy pianist (Matthew) for《戀愛女生都是羊》。We also decided to have a drawing competition. Check it out! LOL. He’s playing can also be heard on the final recording.

Writing the cello lines for 《平行線》

Planning backing vocal (BV) lines for 《三頭六筆》. All that “hooo.. haaaaa.. wa wa wa”  in the background. This song had intensive BV, I think Eric recorded 5 times of me with 5 different backing parts. LOL!

I am so untidy!!!
I didn’t realize I draw all over so much on my lyrics during recording…too engrossed I reckon. I’ll show you. Haha..

During recording of 《戀愛女生都是羊》

Recording 《在我左右》

Recording 《巫毒娃娃》…This is one of the most untidy!

This ranks 2nd most untidy…《巫毒娃娃》

Another thing I do, I print my lyrics in very large fonts. This one wins first prize for biggest font, during recording of《平行線》! 😀

I can’t remember when I did this, I think it was when I was very stressed, looking at how disturbing the drawing is! *awkward smile*

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