Songwriting means the days of intensive nail peeling are back… and I am liking it.

While writing continues for the English EP, I find myself back to some habits like…Working into the wee hours of the morning, intensively peeling my nails, looking for things around the house because I forget where I placed them.

I am happy that I’m doing things like these because it tells me I’ve resumed to the stage where I’m constantly thinking about the music, my engine has started and I’m raring to go.

Sometimes, I get asked where / how I get inspiration when I am writing songs. For me, it ain’t any fancy dance but just a little word called “reconnect”. Dedicating the time and space to reconnect with myself and absorb life…have enough rest, watch TV, read, hang out with my family and friends, coffee and people watch, look at the sun, watch my toes wriggle..

I’ll know it when it comes because that’s when I begin to hear what my heart whispers, and that to me is when and where the songs start flowing.

Dealing with the tough…talking bout the roughWe’ve heard for years now about how tough the music industry is and how our livelihoods are affected and I’m gonna keep it real and tell you it ain’t easy at all. But I’m not about to go on and elaborating how rough it is in this post because I rather use the next sentence telling you what I feel matters instead.

We are presented with two sides in any situation – the good, and the bad, and the choice lies in our hands. I’ll tell you mine.

That to write music and perform, all that I’ve experienced since starting on this journey, is something I’ve never dreamed would come true, and nothing I would ever change for in this world. That in the last year, I’ve learnt, 一个人的梦想,在很多人的爱和支持下,会变成很多人的梦想。 There were moments treading between feeling almost surreal, to being overwhelmed and thankful, and all this love and support from you is now so significant in everything I do, everyday that I keep going, each song I write, each time I sing.

And if it means we have to work triply hard, and stay six times sane, I’ll gladly do it. We only get to live this once so bring on da music I say.

p/s: I mentioned intensive nail peeling didn’t I? 🙂

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