Letter to Santa, Barbie world domination and DIY Gift Bows

Dear Santa,
I know you will be busy raining Barbie Dolls to excited little girls around the world this time. I hope you’ll have the time to read my letter. This year, I am gonna be a good little kid, and do something for our trees. Will you give me a huge present? All I ask for is special powers to help me get rid of my insomnia. Pretty please?

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Sometimes we spend all our time searching for the right Christmas presents but when it comes to wrapping, everyone’s present is wrapped like everyone else’s present, after queuing for hours at the complimentary gift wrap counter !

Be different this year by making your own DIY gift bows, they are fun to make, look way cool, and you’ll be doing something for our environment! (p/s: This post is also a response to fans who requested to learn how to make these DIY gift bows when I presented another DIY craft on XINMSN in Jun. )


I first learnt to make them from a site called “How About Orange”, but thought it would be Werry Merry to explain these steps in Mandarin for our friends from overseas, so I did my own a step by step with photos below.

圣诞节快来临了!你是不是在忙著为朋友和家人购买礼物呢?上次拍环保节目的时候, 有些网友给芝麻留言, 说想学如何用旧杂志制作礼物结 。今天就在这里和大家分享这个又环保,又好玩的手工。这也是第一次用华文解释手工的步骤, 所以如果写得不好,请多多原谅喔!

READY???? 開始了喔!

What you need / 材料:
1. Old magazines / 旧雜誌
2. Scissors / 剪刀
3. Double-sided tape / 双面胶贴
4. Stapler / 钉书机

Select 1 or 2 pages from old magazines that you would like to use for this craft.
Tips: It will be good to have a color scheme in mind, and either go for pages with minimal text or the extreme, depending on the look you want.
先翻阅旧杂志, 然后按照你想要的颜色搭配,把适合的几页撕出来。


Cut a magazine page lengthwise into 9 strips, each 2cm wide
接著把旧杂志剪成九条纸条。 每条宽度是2cm.


Trim the strips following dimensions provided in the diagram below.
根据以下的图和尺寸, 将各组的纸条剪好。


Take a strip, form a loop at both ends as per diagram below and hold it in place using a stapler.
在纸条的两端各制作一个环, 形成 如以下图所示的8字形。 然后用钉书机固定中间 。


Repeat the same step for all strips in Group A – C.
For Group D, simple shape the strip into a circle and secure it with a stapler.
为A - C 组的纸条迳行一样的步骤。将 D组 的纸条捲成一个圆圈, 然后用钉书机 固定中间 。


Now, we’ll form the layers. Take the strips in Group A and lay them such that they are evenly spaced. Secure with double sided tape.
将A 组的纸条形成像图中的模型。 用 双面胶贴固定。


Do the same for Group B and C. Finally stick the loop (Group D) into the center.
为B - C 组的纸条进行一样的步骤。 最后将之前为D组制作的小圆圈固定在中间。


And you have your finished product! And remember to give us a shout over here when you’ve tried it! 美丽的礼物结完成了!是不是有很大的满足感呀!试过的朋友记得在这儿跟我们分享喔!

p/s: This craft was learnt from “How About Orange“! Do check out their other lovely DIY crafts!

2 thoughts on “Letter to Santa, Barbie world domination and DIY Gift Bows

  1. Hi Serene, I used to suffer from chronic insomnia for years. Nothing helped, not warm milk, not cammomile, not yoga, nothing. I finally seeked the help of a hypnotherapist and she unlocked the obstacles inside my mind that was causing this. We apparently unconsciously absorb a lot of the trauma and sadness we encounter in our lives, and they pile up inside our subconsciousness that manifest into physical problems like insomnia, skin problems, etc. I’ve been sleeping relatively well after my one and only session (it’s recommended that we do four for complete healing). Sometimes I relapse, then I’ll seek other supplements like the Back Flower’s Rescue Night remedy. They work for me too.

    Good luck, hope you get some sleep. That is my one and only wish actually….to get to sleep every night. Oh and by the way, I stumbled upon your songs…very very lovely. I teared listening to Ming Zhi Wo Ai Ni. 🙂

  2. Hi Cynthea! Yes, I can’t sleep once in a while and i drink some hot tea to help me out. Thanks, glad you like the songs and Ming Zhi Wo Ai Ni! 🙂

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