Transporting my room to campus…going stripped in Nov

Wait-a minute..I meant stripped off from the full arrangements of my songs.

Cosy concert venues make me just wanna kick off my shoes, and share with my audience what I do late into the night holed up in my bedroom – playing the piano and penning down little tunes.

So I went unplugged at all three of the “Y.E.S933 校園演唱會” Campus Concerts in Nov, with just my piano “Little Miss EricaHan”, Me and You.


Sometimes I close my eyes, recapturing those times I wrote these tunes for my debut album “55:38:7” .
Every once in awhile, I look up.

It makes me smile to see you smiling back.
I ponder for awhile when I see you deep in thought, and leave you quietly to find yourself in the song.
It feels like we’ve met somewhere, sometime, and now, when you all sing with me to LaLa, or the last line of 《明知我爱你》 “只想永远永远爱你, 你知不知道我也没关系”。
Hearts and hearts.


Its been a pleasure meeting every one of you in the lovely audience at Singapore Polytechnic, Nanyang Technological University and Nanyang Polytechnic, and the crew and organizing committees who were such efficient and attentive SUPERkids. Special thanks to the organizer Y.E.S933 FM!


I was drifting away to lalaland at a photoshoot before one of the shows, and was caught on camera by Cherine.
If you daydream too, don’t be like me. Design a certain complex looking daydream expression so no one can tell. I’m working on that right now.


(Whispers: those who really saw me take off my shoes at SP, say hey!!! :p )

Stay tuned to my facebook page for more photos!

If a giant high-heel were to land in my world…it would look like this.

“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” – Marilyn Monroe

When I performed at the NÜYOU “Men We Love Party 2010” held at Zouk in early Nov, I had the pleasure of being styled by the fantastic NÜYOU《女友》team in a sleek Gucci dress and this pretty pair of Yves Saint Laurent pumps. The party was absolutely fantastic, 5.5 inches would be my highest record for high-heels so far.

The next morning, I was still smitten, so I bent down to take a closer look at it. I was seduced by its architecture, I then saw buildings, sidewalks, cafes, and oh! the smell of coffee….

To be exact, here it is.

YSL Shoe Final 2

Oh, women, and our affairs with these high-heeled beauties.

Who cares about the on-going debate about whether high-heels are meant to live happily ever after with our feet! I’ve heard theories about how a well made pair of high-heels do not hurt.

SHoe 3

Someone asked me that night if I always sing in high-heels. “Yes.” was my answer. You either find me in high-heels, or I could go the other way in a cosy setting with none on. Just like many girls, I can’t tell you exactly what it is, but every once in a little while, a pretty pair of high-heels does the magic.

So tell me, how many pairs of high-heels do you own?


Surprised, humbled, emotional at the Singapore Hit Awards. My panting acceptance speech.



那天, 突然有一股衝動,於是去翻電郵信箱, 想找回第一次寄Demo給老師的那一刻。

2006 年,一月, 25日
那時我不知道按 “Send”的後果和評語會是怎樣,但我知道那是我必須跨出的第一步。老師收到我的email, 接著問了一堆問題, 其中一題是“你的夢想是甚麼?” 我回復老師的電郵說:“ 我希望能寫出對人有意義的歌, 希望們唱出他們的心聲。 我不知道我能走多遠, 但我會努力的開始走, 開始學習。”

星期五晚上,上台領 《最受歡迎新人獎》的時候, 雖然主辦當局已提前宣佈這個獎項,
手中的獎是累積著那麼多人給與我的機會,支持, 力量和愛。我緊緊的握著它, 突然覺得自己小小的個子無法壓抑所有的情緒。 說謝詞的時候, 好幾次停了下來, 也說得有點慢, 因為我不想邊哭邊說, 所以很堅持要好好的對每一個人致謝。


接著, 我們去後台換裝, 準備下一個表演。 趣事,就跟著發生啦 ☺
你也知道, 女生換衣服比較花時間, 要顧到頭髮, 要小心裝不能弄髒衣服。 我們換好不久,突然宣傳收到電話。
只聽到她很緊張地說:“!甚麼!?!? 我們在換衣服!!現在!?!? OK OK!”

她掛了電話就著急的說 :”快跑快跑!你得獎了! 快! 快! “ 就這樣衝出去。 我鏡子連看也沒看就跑, 髮型師, 化裝師也跟在後頭。 跑了很久我們看到一扇大門, 很開心 的以為到了Mainstage, 誰知那不是 Main Stage Door! 四伙兒又繼續狂跑。 我只顧著快速的跑, 也好像忘了自己在穿四寸高的高跟靴。


髮型師還在我後面喊:“等我,我需要一分鐘!” 我們跑呀跑,我又看見前面有一扇大門,這時也聽到主持人的聲音好像越來越清楚, 就加速跑,還往後頭喊:“不行了!不行了!我聽到我的名字!!“ 我走出那扇們, 聽到主持人說:“來了來了!” 這時候我想,:“ Oh my god, 芝麻, 你要鎮定, 不要跌倒!“ 我就盡量以最優雅最快的方式走上台。

真的沒想到自己會得獎。 我無法用文字去形容我有多麼的感激。

SHA 4Kaiyang

一直以來, 我不是一個很會說話的女生, 也不會比手劃腳。
每次談到音樂和夢想, 眼淚很不聽話的溜出來, 因為一路走來, 每一天都充滿著萬分的感激。 我知道音樂這條路不容易,所以這一切更是珍貴。

在籌備 《55:38:7》這張專輯的那段日子, 許多貴人憑著一份信念, 幫助了我們。 非常感謝新馬滾石, Mr Ngiam, F&N, 讓更多朋友認識我作品的電視劇和電影公司, Vaughn Tan, Bob Lee, Jem Chen, 樂手, 工作人員和所有讓這張專輯能順利發行的朋友們。 特別感謝林倛玉老師的配唱製作。 衷心感謝新加坡金曲獎, Y.E.S 933FM, 媒體朋友們的支持。

有時候覺得自己在長跑。 芝麻很珍惜有很多人每天為我加油打氣, 陪著我跑。 為我投票的每一位朋友, 謝謝你, 辛苦了。 每一天陪伴著芝麻的歌迷朋友們,我的FC Muffins, 你們是最棒的。謝謝你給我無限力量。Thank you for allowing my music into your hearts, and for being here for me. I will continue to work extremely hard for all of you. 讓我們都一起為我們的夢想加油加油加油!

謝謝大家給與我這份很大的鼓勵。 我會繼續努力。

SHA 5Xinmsn3
當晚的裝扮, 感謝: Vaughn Tan(服裝), Huifen, Jeric Salon (髮型) , 和 Keith Bryant Lee(化裝)