22-24 October, Malaysia friends!!! Here we come!!!

从《55:38:7》发行到现在,我每天都收到各地朋友们的支持和留言, 真的给与我很大的推动力。 芝麻也会继续努力, 希望能到各个国家和你们见面。 马来西亚的朋友们, 这个周末就能和你见面咯! 芝怡的心情是又兴奋, 又期待的!22-24 Oct 2010 的宣传活动, 请多多支持喔!

Malaysia friends! Here we come!!! I am crazy excited! Since the launch of 《55:38:7》, thanks to the wonders of the internet, its so lovely waking up to tweets and facebook messages telling me to go to your various countries. It puts a huge smile on my face all the time, and I can’t wait to travel all round to meet each and everyone of you.

These couple of weeks are insanely busy with preparations for my Malaysia Promo Trip, as well as the upcoming Singapore Hit Awards 2010! Been practicing the piano all week because I will have to play quite abit this trip. It’s sometimes quite lonely having to play alone, scary at times too, it needs 500% concentration and coordination lol, but I am getting the hang of it. Even my keyboard is sticky from my sweaty fingers(yikes) so I hope it all pays off! (No worries, I’ve cleaned my keyboard too)

I’ve gotta run back to my packing!!! You’ve met my travel companion Cupcakes right? Anyways, do you pack your clothes in Ziploc Bags too? Or is it just me?

I know the fonts have shrunk after I resized the poster below, so I’ve typed all the showtimes and details out! Please tune in, do wave and say HEY HEY! I will see you real soon!

2010.10.22(Friday, 五)
3:00pm 988電臺【街头樂霸】訪問 www.988.com.my
8:00pm MY FM電臺【賈森夜航班】訪問 www.my.com.my
10:00pm One FM電臺【快樂點】訪問 www.onefm.com.my

2010.10.23(Saturday, 六)
11.00am Teo Heng KTV Studio (Grand Opening) 嘉賓 @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara
2.00pm 龔芝怡 《55:38:7》簽唱會 Autograph Session @ Sunway Giza大廳, Kota Damansara
10:00pm 龔芝怡彈唱會 @ Wings Café, Puchong

2010.10.24(Sunday, 日)
1.00pm AI FM電臺【愛優弦】訪問 | www.aifm.my

More info: http://www.facebook.com/koongserene

Scribblings of my chords..

10% of the gear I am packing. 90% is my keyboard. Promise I’ll show you a picture. Its kua zhang.

Even when I sleep, I dream of this..

Packing in progress…

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