The power of dreams…

I get inspired when I read stories about people chasing their dreams and aspirations. As much as it ain’t always a bed of roses, to read how they fought hard and finally have their dreams come true is always one powerful story.

It seemed only yesterday when I read news about Singapore being the host of the inaugural Youth Olympics in 2010. Look where we are today fast forward two years later. Our streets, decorated with the YOG banners and its mascots, we read daily about preparations underway for YOG…and when the day finally came, the opening ceremony at the Marina Bay Floating Platform wowed me off my feet.

For me, it was a night to remember as one of the guest singers at the community celebrations hosted by Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) as part of the Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame (JYOF). I remember arriving at the NYP Atrium to a crowd of 5000 students and residents all ready to celebrate the glorious occasion. What unfolded that evening, was a great great story of how NYP students and staff worked so hard to make all these happen….performances, speeches, animation, I see that sense of pride beaming through their smiles and every move.

The most touching moment would have to be the arrival of the Youth Olympic Flame. The cheers were so intense, the crowd was beyond ecstatic and bursting with pride when it arrived. I felt so proud to be a Singaporean.

I will always hold dear to my heart of having the pleasure to meet Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
That night, I witnessed what it meant by having a dream, and realizing it with teamwork, determination and a great spirit.
Thank you NYP for the great memories.

We tend to get caught up in the fast paced life. Well, everyone once in a while, I hope we all take some time to smell the roses.

I am a little free spirited girl who likes to believe we all have the power within us to dream…I am working hard at chasing mine as we speak, and I hope you too, will chase yours with that sparkle in your eye. Let’s all take that first step and have a great ride wherever it takes us because I strongly believe it will bring us a colorful life in the form of rainbows, you’ll meet friends who’ll cheer you along the way, and we’ll all live and own moments so fulfilling and that’s what makes life all so worthwhile.

To this my friends, I say, 加油!加油! 加油!!!!! 🙂

Lovely students at NYP


If you have been following me on twitter, you will know I am absolutely smitten by Merly the Mascot 😀

Monster Cheerleading Team from Taiwan, breathtaking stunts!

Cultural performances. Love the colors.


The Youth Olympic Flame getting arriving close to us at the NYP Atrium

This is Shyu Anne. She was my host at NYP and took such great care of me. Thanks gal! 🙂




《割愛》片尾曲《手中線》…Recording the Theme Song for the Movie "Love Cuts"


It took me a long time to get my thoughts and emotions composed to write this entry, because in the last month, I had to deal with the lost of a friend, and a relative.

Back in June, I was invited to the private screening of the movie “Love Cuts” and was excited upon knowing that I would be recording the theme song for this movie, consisting of a stellar cast and production team . I remember going into the theatre trying to psyche myself not to cry. Eventually, I succumbed because the story was very real, one that all of us can relate to. 

Some of you may have read or know that FM lost a dear friend in July. Our brave little angel who battled with cancer, who fought gloriously and left us for a safer place, who touched so many hearts with her spirit and big heart.

Due to our hectic work schedules in July, Eric and I actually worked on the cello arrangement for the song at the hospital, after visiting our friend who was then hospitalized. I was scheduled to record the song the next day…but events took a change when our friend left us that night. Eventually, we recorded the song two days later, on the last night of her wake and after we finished recording, Eric transfered the tracks into his laptop, packed our gears and off we went back to the wake, editing into the night.

It is hard enough to sing the song on its own. The melody that Eric composed, the lyrics that Xiaohan wrote made the song one that you keep very close to your heart as it captured that feeling of lost, of holding on, and the eventual feeling of comfort and strength that we all need to move on bravely.

It was even harder on my emotions when we recorded this song during the time we lost our friend.  Having to come to terms with the reality of all that was happening and staying composed at the same time. My heart was in pain with the sudden lost, I remember trying to hold on to every memory I have of her when I was holed up in the studio and sang those lines:

“你住在心裡很安全…天天想你 就能見到你”

As strong as I can be, strong as we can all be, while we try to take the shorter route of dealing with lost by keeping ourselves and thoughts occupied hoping that the pain will fade away, the slow sinking into the reality of loosing someone you love forever, reduces you to moments of uncontrollable tears.

It is also during such times that things are put into perspective, you realise silly quarrels and discontentment become so insignificant, and all that matters is to cherish, love, be content and live life to the fullest with the people around you.

While we hold on tightly to every smile, every memory, every moment spent together, I hope this song helps all of us stay strong. May that huge gap in our hearts be healed, and may we eventually look to the sun, and know that our loves ones who have left us will live forever with and within us, in our hearts, in our thoughts.

“Love Cuts” opens in theaters 09 Sep 2010.If we could let a heartfelt story of love, life and family be told, let it be this one. 請大家多多支持這部電影。

《手中線》這首歌這個星期也登上Y.E.S. 93.3FM 醉心龙虎榜第十六名。 忠心感謝大家對這首歌的支持。

With love,
To LT, our little brave angel who taught us strength and love, and inspired us to do more.

To my aunt, I miss you, and I remember fondly and always, how you loved me and always bought me my favorite snacks since I was a kid.

改編曲:黃韻仁 | 改編詞:小寒 | 演唱:龔芝怡