What is (25°C) +55:38:7 ?

Who would have thought that the very much taken for granted butter cake will get a new lease of life?

That’s when I did an interview with 《我报》my paper at 25 Degree Celsius [25度C], a quaint little cafe located along Keong Saik Road earlier in June.

You must be wondering why the name (25°C). The ingenious and passionate owners of this cafe shared with us that 25 is for the shop number, C is for Celsius and (25°C) is such an important temperature in the art of cookery. This is a neat little cafe that I hear has regulars coming back for the wide range of cookbooks it carries, famed chefs do drop by, and it also houses a test kitchen.

In many ways, I view cookery and music in very similar light. Both processes require heart and soul, patience, precision and time. So many ingredients (from herbs, seasoning, techniques | for music it is arrangement, mix, layers) go into the entire cooking process all just to give that final taste in your mouth. Making a record, is the same.

The other thing in common I had with this cafe was, both of us used numbers. 25 for them, 55:38:7 for my album!

I particularly loved the natural light in the cafe, the rows of cookbooks. I have big love for retro and I liked how this place has retro on the outside (being a shophouse on Keong Saik Road) and chic on the inside. And we sampled their cakes and beverages! I was doing two of my loves at the same time, talking bout my music over coffee and cake!

The butter cake was served warm, with vanilla scented whipped cream…I understand they used a sandwich maker to warm it up and that little touch went a long way. And to that, I say: “Hello buttercake! Long time no see! and Welcome back!”

Read the interview here!

Receipe for a lovely afternoon. A cake+a lemonade+a book and sunlight.




Behind the scenes..

I couldn’t resist the cake looking at me, so I sneaked a bite during the interview. oops.


Rows of cookbooks…

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