I’m a greenie girl from outerspace. Are you?

In December, I blogged about my new year resolutions for 2010.

Resolution (3) read: To be a GREEN me.

In recent years, you would have heard constant mention of the words “Climate Changes”, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, “Non-biodegradable”, “Carbon Footprint” “Global Warming”, “Earth Hour”, “Landfills”, “Renewable Energy, Saving Gaia” so on and so forth. As I read on about the problems looming around Mother Earth and how our actions have impacted our environment be it as an individual, as a corporation, as a country, …I have been making efforts to be green.

I know some of us think that these problems are way too “unreachable”, some may think actions from one person alone cannot change the situation, some may think that it doesn’t hurt by using one more plastic bottle, by using another or the gazillions of styrofoam cup, by leaving the light turned on for another hour, by wasting another piece of paper. Truth is, it does hurt.

I do believe that if we all start from the smallest of actions, we can make a difference.

And most importantly, its about having a green conscience, its about knowing that you can make a difference by making green choices in your daily lives, and its about educating future generations to start right and love our dear Mother Earth.

Back in May, I had the pleasure of participating in the Saving Gaia Campaign by XINMSN. By chance, the sweet reporter who interviewed me during my press conference for my album launch was looking at the name-tag that I handmade for members of the press and she asked me if I would be keen to participate on this campaign.

Of course I agreed as I have been hoping to get more involved in green initiatives and this was a great way to start. I am a huuuuugeeeeeeee fan of Jason Mraz (*blush), apart from absolutely lovin his music, he has through his blog, inspired me to wanna do so much in this area.

I spent sometime thinking about the craft I wanted to make, really wanting to make use of things that we all have lying around our homes. Girls, we have tonnes of fashion magazines, guys, you have your gadget magazines.
So I decided to make use of recycled magazines to decorate a box and convert it into a pretty little gift / storage box.

Most of you would know I love crafting and drawing. I love watching the craft segments on the Martha Stewart show where she demonstrates crafts with her guests, and it was so so fun getting to do something similar for this interview hahah!

Video Clip: See the making process here!
Video Clip: My interview about Saving Gaia
Read the interview here!

So, my dear friends, lets get green alrighty?
And, YOU + ME + WE can make a difference.

Share with us here, how you stay green! Let’s get rollin’!


Yea, this little girl is wearing a green dress this time!

During filming…. (Thank you XIN MSN!)

Paper rolls made out or recycled magazine paper….these were used to decorate the box!

You can also make these out of recycled magazine paper. Wanna learn how to make it? I can teach you!


I started using handkerchiefs a year ago. To minimize using tissue paper.

This mini-mic is so cwuuute!


Tah Dahhhhh! The end product!
(Recycled magazine, shoe box, recycled ribbon from flowers I’ve received during my press con.)


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