My first autograph session。。。Thank you for the memories :)

難忘的簽唱會。。。Thank you for the memories :)

My first autograph session.

We sang, we laughed, we waved at each other, we took pictures, surprised June birthday babies, shook hands, and had a lovely evening.

當我自彈自唱“受保護” 這首歌的時候, 感觸好多。
因為這首歌, 大家開始認識我和我的創作。
因為這首歌, 我開始認識了你們。 感謝你每天都陪伴著我, 給我帶來那麼多的陽光和力量。

When you guys joined me in singing our hearts out for “受保護” , “明知我愛你”, La La and my other songs, I was so touched beyond words.

To my sweet fanclub. You looked gorgeous with the beautiful posters.

Sincere thank you to Cruz, and to all our sponsors for making this event possible.

Last but not least, thank you all for the precious memories. And I’m looking forward to seeing you real soon :)

* Photos below are by Evonne Ng, Ho J.Ying, 凱揚 and Jimmy Chong. Thanks for sharing guys!

My sweet sweet Fanclub :)





You guys looked so good from the stage. It made me smile.

I really heart this hairdo!



Lovely presents from you guys and many bottles of 涼茶 that I drank all up!

2 thoughts on “My first autograph session。。。Thank you for the memories :)

  1. Yoz… Serene… 😀

    Sweet sweet wor.. We too sweet liao.. But dot eat us ok? Haha… 😀

    Anywayz…. Jiayous… May your future be filled with love, laughter and success~~~~~~

    Elaine. 😀

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