6 Jun 10, Bugis Junction 5pm, 55:38:7 Autograph Session :)

6月6日 Bugis Junction 5pm, 55:38:7; 簽唱會, 與你見面 🙂

It’s close to a month into my album launch and I was shuttling through an exciting, back to back schedule of roadshows, print interviews, radio interviews, The Sheng Siong Show etc.

Everyday, The word of the day is: Gratitude ☼

In between, I was down with a horrendous cough and spent a good week drinking everything I could get hold of to recover. At some point my moma made me some insect soup. 要感謝大家的祝福和歌迷送我的涼茶哦!

Somedays, I loose track of time, 有時候真的是累到了極點,but Everyday I meet people like yourself who make me smile and give me strength to keep walking forth with my whole heart and a skippidy skip. Yup, YOU 🙂

A sincere Thank You to all of you who’ve bought my debut album “55:38:7” and shared in the life of all the songs and stories within.

This Sunday is my autograph session!!! 這個星期天是“55:38:7” 簽唱會!我會為大家唱歌, 期待和大家一起共度一個美好的旁晚!I am really excited. I look forward to seeing you there and I just wanna have a great time with all of you. “55:38:7” will also be on sale at the event itself.

Here are the details. See you there! 星期天見咯!
06 Jun 2010 (Sun), 5pm
Bugis Junction, Bugis Square, Level 1


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