Happily Hecticmous Maximous…as I count down to the album launch.

Album Preperations SK2

Ok, I made up that title 🙂 I kinda like it as it sounds like what I wanna express: very happily hectic

I figured I will keep this entry short and sweet so I did a little collage about what I’ve been up to….And I can’t wait to share with YOU all about the album so I’ll be writing to you in a couple of days my dear friends. *UBER excited*.
First things first, I wanna thank you all for ur constant ♥ and support.

It has been an exciting ride from Day 1 when preparations for my debut album started a year ago.
We have been working non stop in every department possible. As much as there were days we tore each other’s hair out, or laughed ourselves crazy, everyday was filled with passion and love as the entire FM family poured our hearts into this.
p/s: I loose the hair tearing sessions because I have the longest hair in the team, but I’d like to think I won the laughing sessions cause I have a loud laughter. MUAH HA HA!

Left house when the sun was shinning, and return home when everyone is sleeping..Everyday, I was up to something, somewhere. Recording, combing Singapore for locations and props for my photo and MV shoots, events, gigs, countless meetings and brainstorm sessions, lyrics writing, album concept, song arrangements, styling, dress fittings, and a gazillion other things….

It got to a point where:
1) Communication with my family was reduced to notes on the table coz I’m working while they’re asleep and vice versa.
2) I was fast exhausting the jeans & tees collection in my wardrobe because I saw the team almost everyday.
3) I gave up wearing shoes and opted for flip flops whenever possible because they emerged to become my NO.1 mode of transportation.

There was a day I totally lost track of time and didn’t realize I was out for a whole day till my worried mom called me at 230am to ask if I was ok…sorry mommy.

And I wanna wish all mommys a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Speak soon sweat peas!


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