Duet with Jaycee Chan, Zui Hao De Wo《最好的我》…


Zui Hao De Wo


Finally, I got my copy of Jaycee’s album last week, one that I was really looking forward to because I’ve seen how much work and heart went into the entire production…so to show my support, I didn’t wait for the complimentary copy to arrive. I walked into a CD shop to buy it 🙂

It seems almost a long time ago that I wrote this song… I remember when I was first told that my song was going to be used for Jaycee’s album and as a duet with him, I was beyond ecstatic…after recording it, it was that long but happy wait to hear and see the final product.

Meeting Jaycee to work on this duet song《最好的我》with him was lovely. I really admire his talent, vision and passion for everything he does and in addition to all of that, his warm, humble and infectious personality really makes it very fun working with him. I did too, sit in on a few meetings when he worked on the lyrics with Xiaohan.

All I can say is, from the arrangement, to the melody, to the lyrics and RAP and to the actual recording, I do believe《最好的我》 has had its impact on all of us when we worked on the song; Jaycee, Eric, Xiaohan, Jim and myself. From wherever within us our stories came from that we put into this song, it was heart, it was tears, it was real…

I wanna thank you for your messages on Facebook and Twitter telling me how this song has touched you, as a guy, as a girl, as someone who has loved, and I thank you all for liking this song, and wanna share with you that I understand how you feel as I have had my fair share of crying listening to this song, in particular the rap written by Jaycee…and the line “我不会走, Coz I love you so”…

Jaycee, thank you for the honor and pleasure, and for breathing life into this song 🙂

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  1. Hi serene.. firstly, i wanna compliment your exotic, beautiful and powerful voice.. secondly, out of curiosity.. why aren’t you in the 最好的我 MV with jaycee?

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