Confessions at Huayi 2010

I was really excited to be featured in the Huayi 2010 Singer-Songwriter Showcase @ Esplanade Concourse last Saturday.

As a singer-songwriter, it means alot to be able to perform our originals and share the stories/inspiration behind them with people around us. I called it confessions up there.. because most of my songs are inspired by real stories and it was a nice feeling to share them with an audience up close and personal. I also received messages on my Facebook & Twitter pages from fans looking forward to the show and YAY! I get to spend a cosy afternoon with them.

Was verging on no sleep that week bugged by insomnia (who visits me so very often)… regardless it was a fully energetic week prepping for the show amongst ongoing recording for my album. Of course you have worries about reaching the high notes, remembering the lyrics etc but I forget all my worries the moment I hit the stage coz performing live is simply exhilarating. Love it!

Accompanying me on pianos was singer-songwriter Ruth Ling. She is my sweet room-mate on Stefanie Sun’s “The Answer Is…World Tour”. We share a lot of laughter together on the tour as roomies and we brought that laughter onstage! (you will see from the photos!)

Apart from my originals ”受保护“, “LaLa”, “Best of You and Me” and two jazzy covers of CNY songs, I performed a new song ”在我左右“ (which you will be hearing pretty soon) for the first time. Its a meaningful song about life, love and treasuring people around you. 小寒老师 penned beautiful lyrics for it. When I shared the story of the song, I saw someone put her head on her friend’s shoulder, some couples looking at each other and holding hands…sweet.

Had really fun and HAHA moments with the crowd when I performed the happy song (and F&N Jingle) “LaLa”…I love making people happy. Whee!

Was really touched by how fantastic and responsive the audience was! The clapping, the groovin…There were a few sweet senior citizens in the front row whom I assumed were going to leave after the CNY songs, but they stayed throughout and clapped along when I sang “LaLa”! Aww!

Thank you all who came and for being such a great audience! You guys really made me smile to the power of a zillion and I had so much fun 🙂 Picture time! I wanna thank some sweet peeps on my Facebook Page for sending me some great pics of the gig! Do keep em coming!

Thank you Esplanade!

p/s: Pictures of the gig shown below are from Evonne Ng and Ho J. Ying. Thanks gals!

I usually play the piano.. but decided to have some fun on guitars with the audience
Ho J Ying 15

Fixed my guitar at a shop, happy, and started playing it in the carpark lol.

Me and Ruth laughing ourselves crazy 😀
Ho J Ying 27

Ho J Ying 21

Heart on my guitar 🙂

Chatting…I asked the audience if they find me 奇怪…That I am happy when I chit chat, but some of my songs are so sad…
Evonne Ng 4

I was so touched by the audience’s clapping..I started clapping with them
Evonne Ng 3

Singing emo songs…
Evonne Ng 2

Evonne Ng 1

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