Recording Backing Vocals for a Jaycee song…

Happy New Year my dear friends. I wanna wish you a roaring year of the Tiger filled with good health, wealth, happiness and great things! ROOOOOAAARRRRR! (*flex muscle*)

The last few weeks seemed to have gone by in a flash. Apart from the CNY activities, this little bee of me’s been buzzing with preparations for my album, lyrics and production meetings, arranging piano for some of my songs and I’ve been recording quite frequently. There’s quite alot to update you guys about. 🙂

2 weeks ago, Eric got me to record backing vocals (BV) for a song in Jaycee’s upcoming movie that will also be in his upcoming album.

I did listen to the song when Eric first wrote it and was moved by it. It got pretty much stuck in my head from then on. So when I received his email around 4am one day informing me of BV work for the song, I was excited like crazy as I’ve met Jaycee a few times now and have utmost respect for him as well as his immense talent.

The song is about love and heartache, but I love how it was written with an unconventional, yet melancholic and touching melody, and how everything comes together nicely and takes you into the mood of the song and grips you almost instantly…Jaycee’s vocals, Eric’s arrangement and Jiahui’s lyrics.

I literally held my breath listening to the completed recording in the wee hours that night… it grabbed me right where my heart was. … I am looking forward to the end product as well as the movie.

Excitement aside, I did my homework before the recording. I feel its very important to do so. It also involves trust and communication with the producer. That day when Eric recorded me, it was really fun to experiment with different melodies for the BV before finalizing it. It also feels nice to let your instincts guide you and go with the flow of things as well.

I got to venture into registers of my voice which you may not have heard yet 🙂 was great fun…

I shan’t reveal too much right now and I am sure you will be getting updates on Eric’s and my blog when the song and movie are out…

Get ready for sum tears!…this song’s gonna grip you!

These guitars in the recording studio…I see em often.. sometimes I think they have a life of their own…
During breaks… I doodle…

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