F&N TV Commercial.. Behind The Scenes

Hey guys,

Have you seen the F&N TV Commercial yet? Isn’t that Outrageous Orange drink making you thirsty each time you see the ad!

I promised to share some behind the scenes photos so here we go!

Reporting time for the shoot was 845am. I sometimes sleep as late as 2 – 4 am, so you can imagine how early I tried to get into bed the night before. I was very excited as it was my first time doing a TV Commercial. It also felt extremely special as I wrote the jingle and sang it with Jiahui, so it felt really nice to be involved in the scene where we brought the F&N Drinks to the party!

Frantic search for my fake nails
Some of you may have read that I ripped my fake nails for the shoot. Ya lor 🙂 But its ok! Anything for a successful shoot! During the scene where we opened cans, I used all my might to pull open my tab, the next thing I noticed my fake nail was missing! I looked for it frantically as I was afraid that it may have fallen into the steamboat set on the table (which will be very embarrassing). Eventually I found it on my can. Lol!

Camera! Lights! Action!
Alot of work and time goes into shooting a commercial. Its a team effort, from producer to cast, to lights to props, makeup. Sometimes there are long waits, but you have to stay focused and deliver when its your turn. Sometimes, there are many takes, for instance, the scene where Jiahui and I entered through the door was shot quite many times as the entrance was pretty narrow and we actually had to “scramble” in glamorously, holding our products and smiling and delivering the lines all at the same time ahahha! My shoulder was also knocked a few times and we as much as we look very normal when the door opens, we looked seriously ridiculous in our get ready formation when we were preparing to spring in from behind the door haha!

It was also a great pleasure working with Nat Ho (*faint), and meeting the lovely peeps from F&N.

And of course there is always time for some fun and dance on the set too. Lala!!!

Phototime! And remember to grab your F&N today, and download free, the jingle “LaLa”!

Arriving bright eye bushy tailed..with our clothes for the shoot in tow! I even brought a fan to fan my makeup face!

Bosses drop by for a visit!

Serious on the shoot…

We all look so happy here lala…
Picture 1

Looking through the camera lens…

Shoot is over… Jiahui and I break into song and dance…

Oh! My glorious (i mean ALIEN) fingers…and the injured fake nails

I noticed the countless badminton rackets in the production team’s van…I wonder if they play badminton in between waits

Touch-up time. Jiahui looks way cool.. so only I need touch-up!

Picture 1

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