A cuppa and some December dreamin'…

Hello everyone,

I apologize for the delay in my entries. December is always so busy eh? I think we should rename December to something that sounds more busy cause everyone is in such a huff puff! I am sure it is the same for everyone as you rush to finish up stuff, get ready for the festive season, slurping up every moment of 2009.

I have been shuttling in and out of wedding gigs over the past weeks, standing long hours on my stilettos, learning songs at lightning speed, and having meals at midnight as I usually eat little when I sing…but of course I’m lovin every minute of my job! (except not being able to eat when I see yummy food lying around when I sing!)

Was sipping a quick cuppa at Jones the Grocer last evening before my gig… a pretty cupcake making kit caught my eye… I drifted into lalaland…I love cupcakes!!!!

What’s your favourite food? What would you do if it came in GIGANTIC size?!

I sometimes imagine that and I laugh myself crazy thinking how I would react! If a friend was with me, we would compete (complete with hand actions) and see who’s imagination is better.

If there was a ginormous kit-kat chocolate bar outside my house right now, I will take a ladder, climb all the way up and nibble away with such bliss, smiling so hard you won’t even be able to see my eyes! Lol. Try it!

So share with all of us here, what your fav food is and what you’d like to imagine about it!! And next time I see you, I will ask you to demonstrate! Ok? 🙂

So at Jones… I imagined a giant fluffy cupcake descending like a hot air balloon on the sunny carpark outside the bistro…and doodled away on napkin…

Happy Sunday guys.


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