New Demo loaded on MySpace

Hello everyone,

I have just loaded a new demo titled “Best of You are Me” on my MySpace page,

Many a times I get asked where my inspiration comes from to write songs.
For me, its usually stories of life, love and strength. Things my little heart feel for and think about and hope to find their way into people’s hearts who may be feeling the same way and to let them know, Yea, you are not alone.

This song is about a girl loving hard, but gotten her heart really broken. So she’s decided to pull herself together and live on.

Well if there ain’t no hearbreak, there ain’t tears, and if there ain’t tears, there ain’t come through with greater strength.

I hope you like it, and do leave a message alrighty?

Have a great week!


7 thoughts on “New Demo loaded on MySpace

  1. oi! How bout blogging about your experience as a vocal teacher and how U think you yourself benefitted from it? hehehhh…We’re recording the song today…

  2. sometimes, loving someone doesn’t mean he/she need to return u the feeling yeah? =)

    a vocal teacher? in FM?
    haha.. juz curious.. =P

    jia you lo~ ( n ~ n )V

    ( ” , )Smile!

  3. Hi hi junehapi!

    Yea… that’s why we have sad songs to write about lor… hahaha

    Yep I do teach Vocals in FM…Thanks gal for your words of encouragement! Will jiaaaayou!

    Keep smiling too, you!

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