What are your New Year resolutions for 2010?

Hello my dear friends,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know 2010 is still a good couple of hours away but soon by the sun sets, most of us will be out partying, celebrating, and so I am sending you my wishes now 😀

I saw the sea of “wish balls” floating by the waterfront a few nights ago and it reminded me of the resolutions I wanted to make for the coming year. Yes, this time of the year, most of us make resolutions. Some, in all seriousness, that we aspire to achieve, and some made after a few bubblys that just sound ridiculous the next day.

What a year 2009 has been, significant events happened around the world. Inventions, technology, people, our environment developed at lightning speed. We shed tears too, we remembered the great Michael Jackson, the man with a heart of gold and music so powerful he transcends generations with his music and lyrics. For me personally, “Black or White” was the first English song I heard and his music holds a special place in my heart.

In 2009, things got better and better. Gadgets became smaller and mightier.

On a personal front, 2009 was a very exciting year for me. It is extremely humbling when opportunities came my way in 2009. Being able to tour for Stefanie Sun’s “The Answer is 2009 World Tour” and to work on my debut album, and to work with some wonderful artistes (that I will share with you in later entries) is awesome. It was heartwarming to hear 《受保护》on radio and it motivated me to write more and to keep evolving and growing for the many people who came up to me to say 加油! . I made so many new friends who came over here to know me and my music. And to you guys I want to say a BIG thank you.

So here are my resolutions for 2010:

Resolution (1) You and Me
To commit to sharing and opening up my life here on this little blog, and on my facebook and myspace pages. And I hope in 2010, through my music and through my little diary, I get to interact with you, and welcome you into my little world. And I would very much love for you to participate on this space as well. Just write la! 🙂

Resolution (2) Scale Mountains

To challenge myself to greater heights in every aspect of my life, and enjoying the journey. (Music, life, reading, and even little things like drinking more water and using sun screen…a million things…)

Resolution (3) To be a GREEN me.
I need to eat more vegetables. YES!

But on a very serious note, this resolution relates to our dear Mother Earth. In 2010, I want to:

3a) To eat only what I need to eat.
3b) Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

My heart pains when I read of how in Asia alone, peoples’ life are affected by polluted waters, disappearing land, climate changes…I will elaborate further my green thoughts in another blog entry. And I hope to find many more GREEN mes so together we can make a difference.

Resolution (4) My Secret Resolution
I have a secret resolution which I shall whisper to you here: To win the lottery. (Haha! Funnily though, I hardly buy it so I am not sure how that’s gonna happen). But I do know many of us have this wish, because each time I look at the sky and exclaim “I want to win toto.” I hear someone reply me in a random corner “ME TOO!”

Resolution (5) Above all…Good Health and Happiness

Above all, I wish for good health, and true happiness for everyone. For YOU.

Sure, life ain’t a bed of roses, and when the going gets tough, I wish you a little penny for luck and a little armour for bravery to take on whatever comes your way.

What’s your resolution for 2010? Share it with us!

From the bottom of my heart, here’s wishing you a brilliant sparkling 2010.

New Song “Protected” Shou Bao Hu

“受保护”, 你听了吗? 🙂

今早还在睡觉的时候, 收到一位好友传来的简讯。 他说正收听节目, 听见电台播了我的新歌 “受保护 ”, 他好兴奋, 也替我感到自豪。

这首歌, 我也把它放在我的 MySpace (www.myspace.com/serenekoong), 希望您听了也会喜欢。

小小的梦想, 万分的感激。
音乐一直陪伴著我, 不论是宁静的夜晚, 还是繁忙的白天, 生活的起起落落, 无时无刻, 它一直陪伴著我…

这个年头, 相片已成为我们生活的一大部份。 但总觉得它所捕捉的, 是表面,无法从相片里真正体会到一个人当时内心的心情与情绪。 写歌就这样, 成为我的小小日记, 替我分担了内心深处的感想, 让我把感受到的痛,快乐, 绝望, 希望, 毫无隐瞒的写下来, 记下来… 一年, 十年, 它还是照样的守住一切心情。

开始写歌的时候, 只抱著一个小小的梦想。 只希望能把诚恳的心声写进歌里面,只希望有一天能写好歌, 写出能陪伴著听者们的歌 …

当时不知从何开始, 只知道要很努力的学习。 我很庆幸在学习的过程中认识了许多好朋友,一起成长, 一起享受创作音乐的美, 的累, 的满足感。

也很庆幸在我身边有许多我非常敬佩于尊重的音乐人老师们, 是他们让我越来越爱上音乐于创作, 像他们看齐。

对于公司,老师们给与我的栽培于机会以及同事们的爱护, 我更是感激万分。我非常感激每一位给我机会的人。因为没有第一次的机会, 梦想始终只是梦想… 

对于刚认识我的歌声而纷纷前来给我鼓励的话于支持的朋友们, 我忠心的致谢, 你们的爱护和支持, 是我的推动力。

想说谢谢 ♥
可能有些人会说, 太夸张了吧! 一首歌, 就写那么多干嘛?我是个傻傻思想简单的小女孩。 从开始到现在,感激的话一直都放在心理,终于听见自己的歌在空中播放,感触非常多… 所以在这里坦言。我一直都认为,该说谢谢的时候, 就说谢谢。

我也知道, 这只是个开始。 等待著的, 是好漫长的路, 但我会很努力的走下去, 也希望能于你尽情的享受每一刻。

写这首歌的时候, 我把原本的 demo 写成英文歌 “Love Me”。 词写的是一为正努力追求梦想的 女生, 希望身边爱她的人会毫无条件的接受她, 不要改变她, 也不要夺走她的梦想。 因为, 她只想做自己。

后来小寒老师为华文版填了非常感人的词, 加上黄韵仁老师的编曲以及林倛玉老师的指导, 录音的时候, 好几次唱到失控, 哭了。。。

很多时候,总觉得身边关心我的朋友,都默默的在乎我。可能我这个人时常静静的。心情低落的时候,压力大的时候,烦的时候,我都毫无吭声,默默的撑著。 若想哭,也等到自己一个人才哭。 哭完后就收拾心情, 再次勇敢出发。 

“Love Me“ 和 “受保护” 都描述这种对生活的坚强。
And I do believe, in every of us, there is a fighter, one who says “I cry, but I’ll be ok and will come back stronger”. This song celebrates that strength in each of us.

“ 受保护” 将会是 U频道电视电影“向日葵的约定”的 主题曲。12月27日就快播放了! 故事非常感人! 好期待呀!

A cuppa and some December dreamin'…

Hello everyone,

I apologize for the delay in my entries. December is always so busy eh? I think we should rename December to something that sounds more busy cause everyone is in such a huff puff! I am sure it is the same for everyone as you rush to finish up stuff, get ready for the festive season, slurping up every moment of 2009.

I have been shuttling in and out of wedding gigs over the past weeks, standing long hours on my stilettos, learning songs at lightning speed, and having meals at midnight as I usually eat little when I sing…but of course I’m lovin every minute of my job! (except not being able to eat when I see yummy food lying around when I sing!)

Was sipping a quick cuppa at Jones the Grocer last evening before my gig… a pretty cupcake making kit caught my eye… I drifted into lalaland…I love cupcakes!!!!

What’s your favourite food? What would you do if it came in GIGANTIC size?!

I sometimes imagine that and I laugh myself crazy thinking how I would react! If a friend was with me, we would compete (complete with hand actions) and see who’s imagination is better.

If there was a ginormous kit-kat chocolate bar outside my house right now, I will take a ladder, climb all the way up and nibble away with such bliss, smiling so hard you won’t even be able to see my eyes! Lol. Try it!

So share with all of us here, what your fav food is and what you’d like to imagine about it!! And next time I see you, I will ask you to demonstrate! Ok? 🙂

So at Jones… I imagined a giant fluffy cupcake descending like a hot air balloon on the sunny carpark outside the bistro…and doodled away on napkin…

Happy Sunday guys.


New Demo loaded on MySpace

Hello everyone,

I have just loaded a new demo titled “Best of You are Me” on my MySpace page, www.myspace.com/serenekoong.

Many a times I get asked where my inspiration comes from to write songs.
For me, its usually stories of life, love and strength. Things my little heart feel for and think about and hope to find their way into people’s hearts who may be feeling the same way and to let them know, Yea, you are not alone.

This song is about a girl loving hard, but gotten her heart really broken. So she’s decided to pull herself together and live on.

Well if there ain’t no hearbreak, there ain’t tears, and if there ain’t tears, there ain’t come through with greater strength.

I hope you like it, and do leave a message alrighty?

Have a great week!


Brave Enough…

Hello everyone,

Was at Borders recently and a certain book caught my attention, for what was written on the back of it.

I love the scribble. It has so much character. It got me inspired.

Once of those moments you feel like standing on a chair and yell out to everyone in the room “Yea!”. Sometimes before we even start to dream, we start cooking up worries, we get really conscious, we tell ourselves to stop dreaming.

It can start from the smallest things.

Let’s start dreaming, start living, most importantly, take some time to smell the flowers and enjoy the clear skies. Lets forget our worries and doubts, and unleash that life beaming with great things that you are meant to own!

I hope this inspires you as well! So leave a message and tell me what you are dreaming about!