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It’s been a busy busy week, recording a song that will soon be featured. [I will save the exciting details for later :)]

Little me have been keeping late nights, eating instant noodles in the wee hours or the morning, my bones are aching from the long hours…but it’s all worth it and I am excited.

For a start, I would like to share the original demo of this song with you. Do check out my MySpace page at

This demo “Love Me” was written in English, and talks about a girl fighting for her dreams and wishing to be loved for who she is. Being a demo, it was done up with simple instruments, more like a little draft. The end product I am recording now will be in Chinese and has a different arrangement. Do stay tuned if you wanna find out how it finally sounds!

Will be updating this MySpace page with my draft demos and actual works, performances updates, so that I can share with you the on-goings in my life, behind-the-scenes etc. Do say hello if you pop by!

This is gonna be a fun ride! With you!

Goodnight! and Good Morning!

13 thoughts on “My music on MySpace

  1. Girl
    You have no idea how honoured and proud the whole FM is, to be working with someone like you!

    And for you who reads this blog, throw in some comments and encourage Serene!

    Let her know she is not alone!

    Thank you!

  2. Lovely piece!
    I keep humming to it and especially love that line “Love me for all that I can be…”
    Can’t wait for your album!

  3. Can you do a cover on 每个人都会 if your free? Couldn’t stop thinking on your version of it.
    If you can’t can you tell me please? and do it on youtube. HD. TY 😀

    -Keep on singing.

  4. Hey Shijie! Thanks for dropping by over here! Thanks for liking “Love Me”.

    Glad you enjoyed our cover of “每个人都会” its a lovely song and we too had lotsa fun doing it too heheheh. I will be posting up videos of it do stay tuned I will drop u a msg when its up! 🙂

    Happy Sunday!

  5. Hi there Serene, really nice song… just as your song is.. You are now whom you want to be….Happy for you that you are now chasing your dreams… and all the best! Hope to hear more of your works… 🙂 我会永远支持你!(hope I am not too old for that.. huh..kekkkee)

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