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It’s been a busy busy week, recording a song that will soon be featured. [I will save the exciting details for later :)]

Little me have been keeping late nights, eating instant noodles in the wee hours or the morning, my bones are aching from the long hours…but it’s all worth it and I am excited.

For a start, I would like to share the original demo of this song with you. Do check out my MySpace page at

This demo “Love Me” was written in English, and talks about a girl fighting for her dreams and wishing to be loved for who she is. Being a demo, it was done up with simple instruments, more like a little draft. The end product I am recording now will be in Chinese and has a different arrangement. Do stay tuned if you wanna find out how it finally sounds!

Will be updating this MySpace page with my draft demos and actual works, performances updates, so that I can share with you the on-goings in my life, behind-the-scenes etc. Do say hello if you pop by!

This is gonna be a fun ride! With you!

Goodnight! and Good Morning!

Have you been to a board game cafe?


Some two weeks back, a friend of mine came back from Australia and the bunch of us headed to a boardgame café to catch up. 

I’ve heard of boardgame cafes but the thought of visiting one never crossed my mind. Perhaps its because my impression of boardgames never ventured beyond “Monopoly” and “Snake and Ladder”….people who play boardgames often must be wondering which corner in
Singapore I’ve been hiding. Oops! 

Pitstop Café” was it’s name. A nice and cosy place tucked away in Boat Quay. I was in awe when I saw the shelves of boardgames that were available to play from! Their friendly staff were also ever ready to explain the games to you when you are in doubt.  Brilliant! 

The one game I enjoyed was called “Imaginiff”.  It is a game that is played in rounds. Each round, one of the players is chosen as the “subject” of a question for which 6 options are given, and everyone votes on the answers. For instance, “Imaginiff _____ were a Rockstar. Who would he/she be?” 

We found ourselves laughing at our answers, teasing each other when someone chose a very wrong answer, and of course celebrated with high 5s comes when the majority of us voted on correct answers which implies that you know your friends really well 🙂 It was quite a funny sight to see groups of young adults at the cafe having such great fun over board games.  

I urge you to give it a try…a great way to hang out with your pals, celebrate friendships and most importantly, remembering the child in you! 

I left the place at 3am and with a little sparkle in my eye!




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