Happiness is a Choice


Hi peeps, 

Happy Friday! I hope you are having a great week 🙂

I drew a few sketches around this theme “Happiness is a Choice” (a notion I hold dear to my heart) so I thought I share them in this space.  

Have you experienced days when you wake up thinking “This is going to be a horrible day”? You end up grouchy, pessimistic and for everything that happens (which coincidentally is not too great) you mutter to yourself “I knew it! I told you this was going to be one horrible day!”, short of screaming your frustrations out of the window, and you end up snow-balling into this immensely unhappy person by the end of the day? 

Or at times when you are angry with a person, you see nothing but quick conclusions that feed to your anger for that person, and anything / anyone that stands in your line that day gets blasted in less than a nanosecond. (Preferably with a Bazooka if you had one) Ha! 

Or…were there times you wake up feeling like superman/ supwoman. And somehow events in the day are extremely smooth, you feel like the sun is smiling at you and the birds are singing for you as you stroll along, and you take a deep breath and “Goodness me! Ooh! The air smells great!”  

Many a times I reflect and remind myself that in this vast universe of unknowns and with certain elements that are beyond our control, there are some things we own and we can manage – Ourselves, our mindset, our determination, our energy, our spirits. 

Using a simple analogy, it’s similar to wearing glasses. If you pick a pair with darker tints, everything you see will be in a shade darker and conversely, if you choose one with pink tints, you see everything in a shade of lovely pink! So I remind myself to put on that imaginary pair of mine shaded with positivity to keep me going.  

Then again, some of us may think that life is way too complex to be measured up to such a simple notion that “Happiness is a Choice”. Sure, as we grow, our lives, work, decisions and aspirations get increasingly complex. I do believe, however if we start small and start right, it makes a big difference to how we live and choose to live. 

What is the upside of feeling low, and unhappy 24 hours a day? (close to zero really!) 

In that same 24 hours, what is the upside of staying positive and cheering yourself on, and even when the going get’s tough, to stay calm and channel the negative in the best possible way? (Sure sounds good to me!) 

I would like to remind myself to embrace 24 hours with happiness and not waste it on unhappiness. 

So run forth and I hope you put that little skip in your walk today and everyday!

I wish you smiles and great beginnings! 🙂

Hello, nice to meet you.

Greetings and welcome! I wanted to keep the first entry short and sweet, hence with a little sketch in the banner to share with you a glimpse of my world. 

Love, a rainbow to run along, my work and my life: music …And, ever so often we need one, a little star to wish upon… 

What is your world made up of?  

I hope to get to know you better through this little space 🙂

Till then, good morning! And have a lovely day.